Sunday, 27 July 2008

Cool Soul Journal Project

Oooh, exciting. I came across a link to a journal project. I have just started a new visual journal to try out new techniques and play in. I was still on page 2, shown above, when I stumbled across Caspiana's soul journal project. It is way late to start, but who cares? It is a daily working in your journal with her prompts. It looks fun and interesting.
I am going to attempt to not get anal with her project. In spite of being an artist, I can really be a follow-the-rules type of gal and that is part of what I am trying to push out of.

These first two pages in my journal are based around some healings I have had. The words are messages that came through to me that I try to remember so I don't remain caught in old habits of learning and hiding. The drawing is from a wonderful healing that I had recently. 

I don't think these pages are finished. I just wanted to share them.


nollyposh said...

Cooool, keep us informed X:-)

Connie said...

Oh I love journals! I love looking at other people's journals. I love working in my own journals! Journals! Journals! Journals!

About your journal...I like how the dress she is wearing is transparent---just shows vulnerability to me. And I love how the only color is in the objects she holds in her hands.

Crazy how art can say alot without saying a thing.

Thanks for sharing.

Peace & Love.

miz katie said...

I agree with Connie. I love looking at art journals. I love what you're doing with yours. There is such detail in your drawings.

Thanks for sharing that link. I have gleaned lots of great ideas from reading her entries. She's definitely going on my daily reading list.