Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Ghost Story

photo by Bill Wooten in Flicker

My not yet husband and I were living in Bellevue Hill in Sydney. We had just rented the top half of a very nice duplex with a friend. 

Everything was going well, enjoying the place etc etc. 
The only small thing was that I noticed a certain tension walking down the hallway at night to go to the toilet. I became a little fearful. Still, being a sensitive person of active imagination I dismissed my feelings and didn't say anything to the two men I was living with.

Then one night my partner woke me in the night. He was still asleep but moaning. Assuming he was having a bad dream, I gently shook him. He didn't wake but continued the distressed moaning. I shook harder and finally he woke. 

He looked at me distressed and visibly shaken. He told me that he had dreamt that someone was trying to enter his body. I had woken my partner from bad dreams before, always he had immediately turned over continuing his sleep. But this night it was some time before either of us returned to sleep. 

The next night we slept. But the next morning our friend has a tale to tell. As he was sleeping he remembered that a woman had called him out into the hallway. He had thought it was me, but as he entered the hallway it turned into a woman on fire, burning, calling to him. He was very disturbed by this, saying that it had felt more real than a normal dream.

Soon after my friend had a talk with the people who lived below in the downstairs of the duplex. They told him that when our upstairs had been empty they used to hear footsteps and had even heard the toilet flush. We learned that a man had killed himself.

We didn't stay there long.



nollyposh said...

WoW DeeDee That IS ssspooky! Thanks for that (I think!) X:-o! It's interesting how events can leave energy like this... Restless sadness... I know a woman who helps spirits pass over would you believe (Just like the telly show Ghost Whisperer!) She sets aside the same night for a certain amount of time regularly and she 'rescues souls'... In the beginning even she wanted 'proof' and evidence... So she tells the story of a young woman who wouldn't pass over even though the little 2yr old spirit with her kept trying to tell her to. The woman said that she couldn't 'go anywhere' as she had to get to kinder to pick up her other daughter... She asked questions and found out that she was on a certain section of a local road ...and later she investigated at the local library and discovered a car crash had indeed occurred on that very section of road and a young woman and her two year old daughter had died instantly on their way to pick up her other daughter from kinder... This woman convinced her eventually that it was the right thing 'to go to the light' (Sounds so cliche`) but a true story... 'The veil' is quite thin methinks... x

Seeking Simplicity said...

yikes............I just flipped on the light to my darkened den.... just to make sure nothing was lurking about.

But I do love a good ghost story... as long as I'm not alone.

Connie said...

ooohhh! I love these kind of stories!

Peace & Love.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh~ spooky! now i need to go read something HAPPY :)

RyoJul said...

I would've been out of there so fast. I'm a big scardy cat, I really am. I'm new to your blog and was just looking through. Anyway things like this always creep me out.

Jenni Jones said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog.
That story is freaky! I have "people" around me too, but mine are family, so I feel quite safe.
I sometimes laugh when I come into the study in the mornings and find all the photo's on the wall hanging crooked. I know it is my sister because hers were always crooked and she was happy with them that way!

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Oh my gosh, I love this stuff! I have had many experiences myself and totally believe in ghosts. I watch Ghost Hunters regularly and eat it up like candy! LOL. I would love to go on a ghost hunt some day.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow. that is an amazing story and it sounds like it would have been really scary to experience. My husband and I watch Ghost Hunters as well. I like the show because the two guys who began the organization (TAPS) are really serious about helping people who have experiences, as well as trying to prove whether they are truly hauntings or not. Nerve wracking stuff... and I think you were right in leaving.

Here is the TAPS site if you are interested in reading up on them: http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/

Miz Katie said...

It is creepy to have these kind of experiences. I've had a couple of them, too. Unexplainable. And, you almost hate to speak about it because people tend to scoff and not believe you. Or, think you're crazy. heh!

DeeDee said...

Oops, I didn't think of that miz katie, thanks for the warning! ;)

Diana Cornielle said...

Wow, this is a spooky story. But let me tell ya, I know these things happen. I believe you. Thank God you don't live there anymore, I know I would've moved also!

happygirl? said...

That reminds me of that movie Dark Water. I don't blame you for getting out of that place