Monday, 21 July 2008

a More Involved Look at my Board book pages 1-4

I want to blog a bit more about my board book. I had a bit of a plan in the beginning, but I didn't stick to it. It kind of went its own way.
The first two pages felt a bit dark emotionally, especially in the beginning. I see a lot of pain in this first photo and I think that was brought through in the blue theme of these pages. 

The small print are transfers, while the larger print and the photo are photocopies on acetate film. I had made them up hoping to transfer from the photocopies, but it didn't work so I glued them down. I ended up liking the way you can see through them and also that they have this shiny texture which was an interesting contrast.
The geometric designs are homemade stamps. You can see the beginning stages and read about the transfers and the stamps here.

This is basically more of the same techniques although the print is all photocopies on film. The house is my childhood home. I was surprised that so many childhood photos of me are me drawing.
I  got these pages around wrong. This is four and three is below -not that it really matters. Here I used more black and white photocopy transfers. Then I also glued on some photocopies for contrast and more strength. 
My big sister and I in bed on the cloud are photocopy on film - that's why you can see the cloud. 

The words are just a form of mood setting. Not meant to be read literally. I was working more intuitively, not thinking about it too much.

These are kind of the sibling pages, the three of us interacting. I think these pages are also a bit melancholy in their monochrome composition. The clouds bring in a lighter feeling, but I feel like they are references to not being completely 'here'. 


Nancy Maxwell James said...

your boardbook is just gorgeous! love the photos - did you photo copy them first? very cool effect!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Wow! Beautiful and Awesome!

God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

rafa said...

oh my fuken god =thats awesome!!!!mine is way not done yet

DeeDee said...

Thanks you guys.
I photocopied the photos before I put them on. Some by transfer, some on film, some just glued on.

A Print A Day said...

oh miss deedee, these are sweet and lovely! i love seeing your collages and books :)

Jo James said...

What a wonderful project!

You are so inspiring.

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!