Tuesday, 15 July 2008

if You don't have a regular job, when is time off??

I had a strange experience yesterday. My inspiration left.

I had a headache and was rather down. Perhaps that was the entryway. I don't have many down times and I usually just work through them. But yesterday I did something different.
I sat in the living room and did nothing. I looked out the window, thought how it really could use some landscaping outside ( I don't think I have ever sat there during the day before) and did nothing. It was quite challenging, but also felt important.

I am not sure what to do with it. I see that as an artist, I am usually in a state of inspiration. It is wonderful, but I think it gets out of balance. I always have stuff to create, with more ideas waiting. 
But what about time just to be? I don't take it. After 20 years of living like this, I think it could be difficult to change.

This post was inspired by Suzi Blu: sketches and not all by me! Coincidentally, she seemed to have hit a similar space on the same day. 


Connie said...

I feel kind of stupid, because every time I come to your blog I read something that just really hits a note with me...and all I can respond with is: "I hear ya sista...I hear you!"

Peace & Love.

nollyposh said...

We are in a time of transition and can no longer live as we used to l believe... It is a time when 'time' itself is not what it used to be and living an authentic life is not about just paying the bills... We collectively feel the pull to shop ethically and be mindful of our environment... We 'feel' StUfF now that we didn't make time for before and our children are 'different' now somehow... There is indeed 'change' in the air and it is only natural that it feels uncomfortable but exciting too (I think)... For aNyThInG is now possible and there is mAgIc in the air... We just have to learn to 'trust' and go with it... Like you did DeeDee and the journey within can be so very enlightening when you do X:-)

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Deedee, I think we all have to have down time. We just have to. And even if we don't realize it at the time, because we "think" we're doing nothing, we can still be being inspired during these times. If we don't take time to rejuvenate ourselves, then how will we have the energy to carry out all of our ideas? It's important for us to "be" artists, creators, caregivers, etc. but sometimes it's just more important for us to just "be".

A Print A Day said...

i am also in that state at times. being creatives, we can't really force ourselves to be creative, you know? especially if we want to be true to ourselves. i think sometimes we just need time to not be creative and just be, you know, whatever we want to be at that time.

regardless, you are a great artist with a lot of heart my dear. and even great artists need a break sometimes :)

GumballGrenade said...

It's good to just be present...in the moment...a silent observer.

Miz Katie said...

i've had an entire week like this. all i want to do is watch tv (yuck). no inspiration. blech!

i don't worry about it though. i'm just tired. it will come back. it always does.