Thursday, 24 July 2008

Still going on about My Board Book

There is probably no need to go through every page. Does anyone else find this kind of blow by blow account of creating something interesting? I guess I am writing what I like to read.
This is the 5th page. I had painted the pages a light yellow to orangie then found that the photocopies on film looked really sunny on it. I think these pages changed the feeling of the book. They brought in an optimism and cheerfulness.

I used more handmade print blocks. They are pretty rough, but will be good for backgrounds.
Page 6 is the same kind of thing. I like the way the decorated paper shows through the black and white photocopy on film.

The next two pages surprised me. I had no plan for them to be so romantic. But it worked out as they are mainly of my Mom and Dad who were in love up to Mom's death. I mostly knew my Mom while she was around my age, as she had me late and then died in her early 60's. 

This page has something a little different. The packing tape transfer - that's the thin image of me as a child. You press the tape down on your photocopied image and then soak the tape off with water. Most of the glue goes as well so I used medium to glue it on.

Again, anyone who is wondering why I printed my name all over my board book, the explanation is here.
And if you are wondering what a board book is anyway, a partial explanation of the original project by Suzi blu is here.


miz katie said...

i just love what you've been doing with this book. the colors are rich and i love the story you are telling with the pictures.

Connie said...

Looks great chica!! Nice work like always!

Peace & Love.

Welshcake said...

I do like to see the stages of someones work, it gives a really interesting perspective on the finale thing. I often post the 'stages' of a painting on my blog :)


DeeDee said...

Thanks you guys. I might post the final pages, just cause I want to. If it is boring no one has to read it,lol.

I like the way you post stages of paintings in your blog, Welshcake. I wouldn't mind seeing stages of your drawing. I would find that interesting.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Very, very nice deedee. I'm going to make some mailing tape transfers. Very cool.

nollyposh said...

Still all very mysterious Missy DeeDee...

and l too love your mum's page... That photo is very arty, they look like movie stars <3 and the way the decorative paper shows through the packing tape transfer... LoVe iT X:-)

Anonymous said...

very good!

Anonymous said...

very good!