Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mice Pages

I was digging out the compost pile to mulch some roses. It was full of cute little mice. I enjoyed playing chasies with them. They weren't very quick so I could catch them in my hands. Then I would let them go and chase them again.

The writing is from a surrealist game that I had my Creativity Class play, where each person writes a word of the sentence, folds over the page to cover it and passes it onto the next person. No one knows what the other person wrote and you end up with some interesting statements.

I am inspired by one of Jessica Gonacha's designs and copied it with pen, water-soluable crayons and watercolour into my journal.
I finish off the other page and add a quote by Scott Alexander King's book "Animal Dreaming".


nollyposh said...

Oooo i like it X:-) i like 'the sentence game'... i want to play toooo! x

DeeDee said...

You are quick Vicki, I hadn't even finished publishing when I got your comment!

We would have to figure out a way to virtually "pass the paper" and then we could play. Sometimes the sentences have a strong visual sense that I thought would make a good journal prompt. But I didn't end up using it that way, as you can see.

I still like the idea of drawing 'the red mansion kisses the passionate kitty kat'.

Connie said...

In my class we play a game very similar to yours, except we use drawing!! They end up with some pretty sweet creature like things!

This has got to be my favorite journal post of yours so far! It beats all my other favorites! Plus, thannks for showing the process of how it was created. I love seeing that. You rock!

Peace & Love.

Sydney said...

Love that you could catch the mice! I know some people stand on a chair and scream at them. I think they are adorable. Maybe they scream at rats, who are a lot less cute. I react that way to spiders, so I try to relate.... but I've learned from volunteering at the zoo that there is a person to love every species. Spider lovers abound!

I absolutely love the color choices - pink, poppy, peach, taupe, black, cream.... and this design.

DeeDee said...

I forgot some people are scared of mice, how funny. I used to have a pet rat, so I am pretty comfortable with them too.

We have lots of very poisonous and deadly snakes and spiders that live around here; so I guess that is what I am scared of.

I am glad you like the design, but I can't take the credit. There is a link to Jessica Gonacha, it is her design.

Sydney said...

I noticed you gave her credit, I will click on her name and see but the compliment stands nonetheless. :-)

Teresa aka Tess said...

The sentence game sounds like fun. I like how you incorportated the sentences into this page, and the memory of the mice.