Saturday, 23 August 2008

the Pregnant Page

No, I am not pregnant!
Or perhaps I am, but not with a physical baby.

This page started with one of Caspiana's soul journal prompts. We covered a written page with various tapes, sanded them and then painted over the top. I ended up with an interesting surface. (If you want to give it try click here.)

Days later I was doodling and ended up drawing the newly pregnant woman sitting against a tree. I cut her out and put her on this page, just because I thought the combination was interesting. You can see here where I was trying the cut outs on different backgrounds.

I decided that I wanted an animal with her and took looked through my magazine cut outs. The fox with her cubs appealed to me and I stuck her down.

This is where things get a bit woo-woo. Vicki from Nollyposh had made an fascinating comment about the meaning of hare on my girl in green with hare post. So I asked her about the fox. As I wrote it onto the page I got the synchronicity goose bumps. It was so spot on about what is happening at the moment it was as if I had gone to a tarot reader!

How about psychic readings through making art! ha ha


Gunn (Merete) said...

This is beautiful. I like symbolism of the theme you have choosen for this page.

Connie said...

I love the contrast between the blocky more geometric background with the more natural, organic images in the foreground.

Wait--I sound too much like an Art Teacher. I apologize. If I keep this up soon I'll be just emailing you a rubric with your grade!! Ha!

But, once again DeeDee, you wow me with your lovely pages!!

Peace & Love.

Welshcake said...

I've always found the 'pack' fascinating, as in foxes and wolves with their cubs. I love the comparison with the pregnant woman.

The whole page spread looks really atmospheric :)

DeeDee said...

I am happy for you to sound like an art teacher Connie! Why not, when you are a wonderful one.
(will that help my grade? - oh wait, I have this apple for you, lol.)

Connie said... need to learn, like my students at school do that apples have no power over me...chocolate is another thing!

Peace & Love.

PS I was hoping to see some new stuff...I was jonesin for some DeeDee magic!

nollyposh said...

You know there IS such a thing as intuitive art, but you know that already no? ...i mean really that's what the Tarot is all about too, for they are mini art works and you see in them what is relevant to you... So really i guess that's what you've just done, no?... A reading for yourself X:-) (Thanks for sending the love by-the-way... Got the call from my Doc today and seems i have another journey with cancer, damn not the kind that i look forward too, but well who knows what guise the *magic* will come in this time?)x