Wednesday, 27 August 2008

There is Only Love

First I glued down pages of the Bible (I don't mean to offend anyone, I just like using it) and then I gessoed over the top and did Caspiana's magazine silhouette thingy from her soul journal prompts. I think I wrote the long quote on Quanta and the nature of Reality before the silhouette thingy which I did in purple acrylic paint.  (If you want to read some of the quote, the picture goes a bit larger if you click on it).
Then I did a glaze of red to bring it together and provide more interest.
I was doodling and the two fairies? (not sure what they are) popped up. They seemed to fit with the silhouettes and later I glued on the leaves. 
Today I bought some gel pens and did that bit. (Gee, the gel pens are fun).

Do I have to put some kind of warning on my blog now that I have naked fairies? They don't know they are naked, does that make a difference?


nollyposh said...

*secretly between you and me... i think most faeries are naked unashamedly lol! <3 Vicki (& i hear that they just LOVE hanging out with Quanta cause they's little like them!)

Ginger said...

Nice drawings, reminds me of dreams I have on most nights. Mum says you draw very well; we both agree with her too!

DeeDee said...

Ginger, you are my first comment from another species. I am honoured that your pigginess likes my drawing.

Vicki, I wonder if faeries are made up of Quanta, I wouldn't think so. But if everything is... my mind fuzzes out.

nollyposh said...

D.D i MADE IT!!!
<3 you x

A Print A Day said...

beautiful as always dear.

Connie said...

Naked fairies! Naked prego ladies! I am so offended!!! What kind of smut are you peddlin?!?!?!

Peace & Love.

DeeDee said...

You know what is weird? It hadn't registered that the pregnant woman is naked too. lol

And the woman in the banner!

omg, I am creating a smut blog!