Saturday, 6 September 2008

Altering Journal Pages

I don't have earlier images of these pages because I didn't like them. Both pages were from Caspiana's soul journal prompts.
After I bought the black gesso, I decided to give it a try and painted out the left page. The page had originally started with glued dictionary pages, so I played around with ripping some of that off so you can see the dictionary pages peeking through.
Then I used my watercolour crayons over the top, using the same colours I used on the right page to link them together. I then glued photocopies of the prince card from Carolyn Myss archetype cards (they are kind of like tarot cards). I had picked it the other day in my Creativity Class that I am teaching. On the page I am trying to understand what the prince archetype had to do with me (!?) 
I looked up "romantic" in the dictionary and found that it is not strictly limited to romantic love, but can be a way of viewing reality. That made a bit more sense.

Also notice that I changed the face of the woman in armour. I wasn't happy with her first face, so I drew another one and glued it on. 


Gunn (Merete) said...

As I said before: I love your work. This is fantastic. Your drawings are awesome.

Connie said...

The fox cracks me up! Love it!

PS Still haven't purchased black gesso yet...soon!

Peace & Love.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

oo black gesso... very cool!!

stopped by after reading about your carob fudge recipe on taschas page..
can i have recipe??
pretty please with honeyed raisins almond slices & died pineapples on top??

~ maggie ~

Teresa aka Tess said...

I found you through Geninne's art blog. I really like your stuff here. Your journal pages are so fun and I love how you described what you did to create them. Thanks...