Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Beginning Journal Pages

I love starting journal pages. I like starting several at once and then working on them simultaneously. 

In my studio I work on five or more paintings at a time. It means that I can work back and forth between the different paintings, which helps keep me inspired and interested. Sometimes I will leave one painting that I am stuck on, and by working on others it somehow helps me know what to do on the one I left behind.

One of my favourite ways to begin a journal page is by drawing. I like to go out in the late afternoon and try and draw the birds or other animals that are around. Obviously they are moving so I don't expect to end up with finished drawings. I just do little quick pencil doodles. The act of drawing gives me much pleasure as through it I feel a connection with the animals.

These are drawings of our neighbour's bunny, Fluff. Next time I might draw him while he is still in his cage. He doesn't stay still in his pen. Still, it was lots of fun.
Perhaps you would like to try a journal page like this? You could draw anything as most of the drawing will be covered before we are finished. It's an opportunity not to worry about what you draw and just enjoy the experience.
Then I put some writing down. I have writings that are a kind of channeling in my notebooks. I find that I can go into a space where I write questions and then I 'hear' the answers, as if from my guide or angels. They are always very loving, and often tell me things that I don't know. They are unlike stuff that I write.
You could write anything in your pages. What you did today or what you are feeling. Again, this can be partially or fully covered - it is up to you. Make sure you use either pencil or permanent pen ( I use Staedler pens) as a nonpermanent ink in the pen will mess up on the next stage.

Then I gesso, (go here to find out more about gesso) over the drawings and over the writing. This is one coat (of the good gesso). If you want to completely cover your writing, you will probably need two coats. After the gesso is completely dry you can paint over the top. I used my watersoluable oil pastels, just a light coat and then watered them down on the page so it was very pale. I used a few harmonious colours. You could also use watercolour or acrylic paint.

I might show you a few more possible ways to start your pages. That way you can start some more journal pages before I reveal what I did next on these.

If you feel like posting your beginnings in your journal, link back to this post so that I can see what you have done. You can do that by clicking on 'links to this post' and then click on 'create a link' and a new post will come up for your blog.


painter girl said...

I can't wait to try this process. I will give you a shout if I get anything usable. thanks for the inspiration.

carlikup said...

Thank You, Thank You!!

Carla :0)

nollyposh said...

she's ~beautiful~
just like you
and i'll try too find the inner shine too
i promise
love YOU

DeeDee said...

You both are so welcome. I hope you will share what happens. I would love to see.

Walk in the Woods said...

I have my current journal concept going (posted a started page today) ... so I'll be contrary!


I will use some of your guidance though and will be sure share it with you all.

Anonymous said...

where do you get your water soluable pastels...i found some on dick blick, but i dont like to order there...where do you order from...thanks...oh great jump start for the journaling...i have to do it

DeeDee said...

Mine are Carand'ache, very good quality. I have had them prob'ly 15 years so I can't remember. Sorry.

Why don't you like buying from dick blick? (asking because I have been considering trying them out.)

Walk in the Woods said...

deedee - yes, that journal *is* a board book. :)

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

I still have yet to make a journal. I just can't seem to find the time or space. I can't even find my art desk at the moment. It's buried under tissue paper, wood, paint, etc. etc... I am getting ready to redo my artroom complete with a laptop computer which will free up more space when I get this monster of a desktop out of here and then I think I will make separate sections for each of the activities I want to try, including journaling. Ooo, can't wait! I love the colors on this and your bunny renderings are awesome. You have such a talent!

Tammie Lee said...

I am enjoying meeting you and your art in this blog! Your journal guidance is wonderful!

I also do writings just as you have described. I love them, they are grounding, informative and often sweet and positive. So fun to know others do this too!