Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I know you have already seen this (go here for more about this image), but just a reminder so you can compare:

I added the words by writing on vellum and sticking down with double-sided tape.

And here for more on this one.

Maybe you can tell, I bought black gesso and a white pen yesterday, heehee and whee!


Connie said...

OOoh! Black gesso!! Makes me think of Bob Ross and black light paintings...but you have a beautiful handle on it! I love how it makes your last journal entry just pop out! Nice stuff...I'll have to eat my snubbery now and try some! Thanks for the inspiration like always!

Peace & Love.

Sydney said...

Deedee -- I just read your comment on Nollyposh and wanted to say how cool it was to go for the posing. You rock! From another whose bits are falling too, lol.

Love the combination of writing on art, as I have always loved journaling and been drawn to read books of letters or diaries.

Teresa aka Tess said...

I haven't been able to get double sided sticky tape to stay stuck in my journal. I love the writing on vellum idea. The black gesso really changed the look of the page, nice.

DeeDee said...

I am surprised about the sticky tape. I had no problem. Perhaps you just got a bad roll? I used some really thin stuff.