Monday, 8 September 2008

the Easy Way to Follow my Posts

I have followed Tasha's lead in putting up the new follow gadget. It should make it easier for us to follow each other's posts by telling you when I update. Apparently it also means that I can check out your blogs which I think is really cool. Please sign up, I would love to know who you are.

Just click on the link in the left column, above my avatar, that says Follow This Blog.

If you'd rather I don't know who you are or you would just rather be less public, you have the option to sign up anonymously. Fair enough.


Whimsies Folksies said...

Hi, DeeDee! Just checking your blog when this post showed up. Thanks for the link to this. I will check it out, looks cool! ~Joann

nollyposh said...

sign me up baby... ahhmmmm how???
Lol! XOX

DeeDee said...

I suppose instructions are a good thing to add, duh.
Thanks for the heads up Vicki.

You just click on where it says Follow this blog in the left column.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your banner illustrations!
Sandra Evertson

Connie said...

Hey DeeDee!

I am starting a blog-wide candle vigil for Vicki from Nolly Posh blog in honor of her and in support of her surgery this 9-11. Please come to my blog and click on the candle and add one to your blog too.

Peace & Love.

DeeDee said...

Thanks Sandra, the banner illustrations are from my paintings.

Connie, I am on my way over!