Friday, 19 September 2008

Paint for Your Journal

I have two kinds of paint that I am using in my art journal, acrylics and watercolour.
The above are artist quality paints that I use in the studio, but I find the tubes messy and difficult to work with at my art journaling/computer desk. In the studio I have a limited palette and mix most colours but in my journal I prefer not to hassle with much mixing.

Often to do backgrounds I will go into the studio and mix and paint, but when I want to work at my desk I am trying these little jars out. I am imagining that I will buy lots of different colours and can work out of the little pots.
I don't know what their quality is like, but I am not too concerned with that in my journal. Free and experimental is my motto.

Along the same line, I am disinclined to hassle with my tubes of watercolour paint. I prefer using these Koh-I-Noor watercolor wheel stack colours. The colours are strong and vibrant. 

As they are dry in their little wheels, you just have to remember to put a drop of water in the colours you want to use a few minutes before to get it really rich. 
I am disappointed there isn't any purple, but you can mix colours in its plastic cover.
I am showing you my brushes just so you can see they aren't anything special. You don't need even this many. A widish one for backgrounds, some with pointy tips so you can paint smaller stuff. I already had these, but I am inclined to go with synthetic soft brushes for my journal. There is no point in paying out for the sable.


Walk in the Woods said...

I love my little tubes of watercolor! Though lately I've been playing more with acrylics - tubes and containers. I love them all.

And today I found a handful of my old brushes! I have one brush with most of the hairs trimmed away for my most anal of work (like on some of my pendants). I was very excited and added them to my brush stash!

Connie said...

I have those same watercolors at the school I teach at. On Fridays, for most of my classes, I have "Creative Choice Day"--where I set up different materials and have the students choose what they want to use and make what they want to make. It's awesome---I wish every day for them could be "Creative Choice Day"...but yesterday, this little first grader, who is new to the school, came up to me with the watercolors and was crying...because they were broke!! She couldn't get how her friends using them had bright vibrant colors on their paper..but when she ran the brush over them...nothing. I had to let her in on the water thing. It was too cute, but maybe you had to be there!!

Peace & Love.

DeeDee said...

the watercolours were broke, lol!! I can imagine it. Sweet.

Coffeelatte said...

Another very helpful reference posting. I have never seen those watercolor stacks -- would love 'em. I have a little travel set that my husband gave me -- 12 cakes in a folding case. I just had a real eye-opening experience when I took classes at Art & Soul earlier this month. I always come back to my favorite, not so expensive brushes. But was worried about that when I took classes with "real artists" I bought some nicer ones. No one cared at all, I ended up using my well loved familiar brushes, and have pretty much written off three or four new ones that I hate. Maybe someday I'll find a use for them.

Petartist said...

I'm not brave enough to try watercolor yet; I'm a newbie even at acrylics (have sketched all my life) what I've done when I mix is put the paint in recycled jars (vitamins, glass jars from Bath and Body Works, etc.) tried it out and voila, they didn't dry out!

Zom said...

I ended up ditching the little pots of acrylic. I tend to use watercolours when doing detailed painting (in my art journal) and acrylics for backgrounds.