Friday, 26 September 2008

Photo Flowers

Here are the final steps of my art journal pages that started with drawings of my neighbour's bunnies. Around the drawings I did writing, gessoed the pages and  then brought in some colour with watersoluable oil pastels. To see those steps with photos and instructions go here.After adding the colour wash of three different colours, pink, yellow and peach, I cut two circles out of some decorative paper that I had. I used patterned paper, but you could use any kind of paper that you like - including patterns cut from a magazine. I just used a compass to draw the circles.
Then I took black and white photocopies of two photos that I liked, cut them out in smaller circles and stuck them on top of the decorative circles. You could print out photos with your computer printer too. But be careful as the ones from inkjet printers can smudge if you get them wet.

The leaves are the same decorative paper; then I added the stems and the border with some fun gel pens that I have.
Finally I brought some of the writing back in. Not all of it, I just wanted to emphasise certain parts of the message. I also added some little designs around the 'flowers' edges with gel and white pen. I love the white pen.

The photos are from about 15 years ago of me and my sister's son, Ishi. 
You can click on the images to see them larger.
I would love to see what anyone else makes. You can link back to this post by clicking on links to this post.


Walk in the Woods said...


Cookie Sunshine said...

i love what I'm seeing here.

Sydney said...

I personally love seeing the writing bleeding through. To me it is a glimpse, so much mystery. It intrigues me, draws me in.