Friday, 12 September 2008

What is Art or Visual Journaling?

Whatever you want!

This is what is so fantastic about art journaling. 
I prefer the term art journaling over visual journaling because I think it takes the idea a bit further.
Visual journaling is basically journaling with a visual component. You can use photos, collages, drawings, painting. Writing is often in the mix as well.
Art journaling just extends the above definition into experimentation. I don't use my art journal like a diary. What I make isn't necessarily related to what is happening in my life. Well, on some level it probably is but not necessarily. I use my journal more as a place to play and experiment.

I have been a fulltime artist for twenty years. I think I was being rather too serious about the whole creating thing. I was getting as tight as a ... I don't know what. I tend to be perfectionist. Honestly not a good quality for an artist. It jams up your creativity.
It is only recently that I have discovered the art journal. This has helped to explode my creativity open. 

It is a great place to give yourself permission to play. Whether you are an artist or an absolute beginner. It doesn't matter. It is a private place to make whatever takes your fancy. And for some reason, I love that it is in a book form.


Sue said...

this is a fantastic idea, I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

im excited! i have been wanting to incorporate this in to my daily art life but seem not to find the time for journaling or not quite sure what to do...thanks for sharing this with us...:)

Walk in the Woods said...

Permission to play! Permission to play! Yay! Yay! MORE permission to PLAY!!


miz katie said...

i believe the same as you do. my art journals are for playing and experimenting. i do some writing, but not much. i usually cover it up with layers, if i do write.

can't wait to see where you're going with this. it should be lots of fun.

carlikup said...

Hooooooo DeeDee, thank you sooooooo much! I will be following your blog RELIGIOUSLY!

Carla :0)

Sydney said...

thanks, I am loving reading these little pieces, they are truly inspiring!!!!!

Trish said...

I just found your blog and have loved browsing through !! I am just starting out in my journal(not sure if you would call it art journaling, or what...but I am having fun) I look forward to returning-have a good evening!