Thursday, 16 October 2008

Creativity will Change Your Life

I have a class coming up in Byron Bay, Australia called "Creativity will Change  your Life".

It is a bit of a corny name, but it is true. And while it sounds like an american hyperbole, the truth is that it is closer to an english understatement. 

So I thought I would write a little list of the ways that creativity will change your life.

Creativity develops intuition. 

Creativity strengthens self trust.

Creativity develops courage.

Creativity brings play and expands wonder.

Creativity teaches you how to communicate with your soul.

Creativity puts you in touch with the Realm that creates and contains meaning.

Creativity heals.

Creativity encourages self love.


Zom/DeeDee said...

How come no one is commenting? maybe this post doesn't make sense, or is just too boring?
come on, give me some constructive criticism. I can take it. :)

Trish said...

I agree creativity WILL change your life-I know I have a long way to go, but since I started creating and blogging I have dreams when before I thought it was too late-I've always wanted to be an artist, and I thought I missed my chance, but now I know it's never too late. I call myself an artist NOW , even it's just to whisper it to myself-creativity has already started to change me in all the areas you mentioned-a little at a time, but I can see the difference, I can FEEL the difference inside. Wow, I didn't mean to ramble there-I do that sometimes. I really just stopped by to tell you thanks for the comment. I haven't felt like playing with the paints or playing in my art journal the last few days-but I did start that other journal for so that I keep myself immersed in creativity and motivation, now I know that that counts too!! and all I need is a couple pens and markers:)
thanks!! (that's one of the things that has helped SO much, all of the supportive comments from other bloggers, there is just such a caring community of people here, I still find it hard to believe sometimes, but I am glad it is true!

Trish said...

I just read your comment on my art journal page-thank you!! I am still working on my 1st art journal, but here is the link to my myspace albums, my art journals are there:) I am so happy you want to see them!!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hEy ZOM! i just wanted to INVITE YOU to the Big Halloween BASH ~
today! over at my blog! Stop by & have some cider :)

happygirl? said...

Creativity is the key to all those things. It fosters our investigative and experimental spirits. I think that creativity (the arts in general) is a very underapreciated passion. Creativity isn't always the window to a money making venture or literal wealth, but it a link to something far more valuable. But, the beauty is that it doesn't have to. The value is very subjective and individualistic. That's what makes creativity such a fantastic and healing outlet.

iHanna said...

I totally agree with you on every aspect of this, creativity is good for you! And I love the sentence where you describe it as a hyperbole/understatement. Well written! I just added your blog to my blog love list, I think you're doing a great job!

nollyposh said...

Hi Zom(-mie) oh damn! i keep wanting you to sound like DeeDee sighhhh X:-)

Constructive crit?
No need with such outright talent from such an amazing artist as yourself (we're sCaReD! lol! or just speechless in awe!)... i actually admire the way that you constantly stretch yourself and are always embracing something new and i love the way aRt is 'a way of life for you' as it is with me (although i'm still WELL in the 'student' stage!)... i just sooo agree with this bloggy that ~aRt=life~ X:-)
vicki xox

Zom/DeeDee said...

You are welcome to call me anything you want, Vicki. :)
I am student stage too. I don't know if that ever ends. I remember when I committed myself to art, I thought "I had better get my health together" because I knew I would have to get to a ripe old age before I was any good. (I mean that in kind of a light way).

Connie said...

Zom...I was about to comment on your creativity bit...then I read your last comment. I feel the same way...well...for art and for a lot of things. I've really been focusing on my health, because lately, there has been a lot of issues popping up. I finally realize that if I want to do anything with my Art--if I want to see any of my dreams manifest...I better work on this vessel that holds it all.

With that said...I'm completely with you with the creativity thing. As an Art teacher in a public school I always focus on creativity more then art. To me the two are different things that many time live in the same body. In my opinion, you can be creative without being an Artist, but you can't be an Artist without being creative. So, I think its best to focus on the creativity...and then, if you decide, take on the Artist bit. Yes, I feel being an Artist is much as a decision as it is a calling or vocation. I don't prescribe to the idea that everyone is an Artist...but I do agree that everyone has an inner creativity that is vital to existance.

I love the title of your class. I would take it. I'd love to hear more...please keep us updated to its development.

Peace & LLove,

Zom/DeeDee said...

It would be so cool to have you in my class Connie!

Leslie said...

What a wonderful post. Creativity is Everything! Creating is Inate and its outward expression comes in so many forms.
Strength, yes, I feel very strong within my soul when I create Art.
I came to you through Vicki's blog and I will visit again. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Art with me!


PJ's talkin'.... said...

Creativity makes me get up in the morning
It is the reason I have a sense of humor, my sense of wonder, my excitment for simple things, new things, different things, old things, everything around me... the list is long... I wish I could give creativity in a present to depressed people, bored people, mad people, sick people... it would change their lives I think... thanks again, PJ

Zom said...

I agree PJ, this is one (of many) reasons I am loving teaching this class!!