Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dreams are Vessels Journal Page

I am quite excited with how these pages turned out. Sometimes pages just don't seem to be all that great, and then something comes together. But I am always the sucker for violet, purple and the surrealistic feel.
I started out with black gesso. Then I decided to try a thin coat of purple acrylic paint over the top and ended up with this incredibly rich deep purple.
I felt more comfortable with these pages after I added the border. I guess it wasn't so scarily dark then. The border was cut from magazine photos. 
The mouse is a photocopy of my drawing from the Mice Pages. It is really fun to reuse bits of your journal pages this way. See here to learn more about using photocopies.
The woman on her mechanical horse is from an art opening invite. The fun bit was that I cut her head off and added my own drawing in its place. The girl on the left is another photocopy, this time from my help from the fairies page. She is wearing a new gown (cut from a pattern in a magazine.)
Finally I added a fantastic quote from Carolyn Myss about dreams in silver pen. I added my own dream related ramblings upsidedown and some other did-dad-doodles here and there in my lovely violet and pink gel pens. Click on the picture to see it bigger to check out the details.

I am finding my completely black gessoed pages rather challenging. This was the first one that 'worked'. I am more comfortable with just using spots of the black gesso. The plain gesso is much easier to write on, the acrylic paint was kind of slippery in parts.


carlikup said...

I love it! Thank you!

nanakin1 said...


Kate said...

These pages are fantastic. I've never used black gesso before. ah something new to try. I always like that. You have a wonderful blog.


mrsb said...

I really like it with the purple border! Very nice!

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

Wonderful page! Thank you for posting the steps. It makes me want to break out my black gesso.

nollyposh said...

ooooh my kinda page X:-)

Walk in the Woods said...


I have a black gessoed page that is in process ... it is new to me and I am being extra patient (or is that tentative?) . . .

Joanie Hoffman said...

These pages did turn out very well.
It's funny (to me) that I had an interesting (again, to me) dream last night that I wrote down so I could journal about it.
Back to your page, don't you love it when all the elements come together? Everything works in these pages. Thanks for showing them.
Happy days, Joanie
p.s. I did take at look at Suzi Blu's Oracle project. Thanks for the head's up! j

miz katie said...

Oh, Dom! Of course I subscribed!! :) It wasn't pitiful at all. I thought you looked brave and confident. It's scary to get in front of a camera. Yikes!

Next time you'll have to pronounce your name for those dumb bunnies like me, who don't know how to say it. :-D Is it like Tom? Or more like dome?

Oh..and, say hi to me so I feel like a super star. :D :D :D

It will remind me of being a kid and watching my favorite tv show. She would look into her magic mirror and see names of the boys and girls watching the show, and say hello to them.

Man, I would sit there and watch and wait!! She only saw me a couple times, but boy, that was a happy moment. heehee So, there you go..I gave you an idea for your next video. Go get your magic mirror, and make sure you say hi to Miz Katie!! :D :D :D

Zom said...

I am so glad you guys liked these pages. There is some hint here to where I want to go in my painting.

Miz Katie, you are a sweetheart. And what a great idea, saying hi to everyone. Though I would be afraid to miss someone. I hate to have anyone feel left out (many of us have had enough of that!)

My name is pronounced Zom like Tom except with a "Z".

miz katie said...

ah, zom like tom!!! yay!! now i know! glad i asked because I kept going back and forth in my head..couldn't decide. :)

Hey, I just tagged you on my latest blog entry..6 random things. Play only if you want..no pressure. It sounded like fun to me, so I did it. :)

ACK!! I just realized I've been spelling your name wrong! DOH!!! It's Z, not D. Gotta go fix that entry I just wrote..how stupid of me. I apologize.

miz katie said...

I'm thinking "D" because of DeeDee, I bet.

I hear you about the magic mirror..I was kidding, but I hate feeling left out, too. Makes my lower lip want to quiver at the thought.

Lisa said...

It's difficult to read the text on the computer. I love the way the text starts, but can not seem to finish it. What does it say?

Zom said...

Dreams were the vessels through which heaven reached the prophets. Your archetypal patterns are always used as the container of the language of your dreams. As you work with your dreams, as you pay them respect and homage and you pay attention to them, your capacity to dream with greater clarity develops. And your ability to draw and develop a language with your archetypes through dreams develops.

luthien said...

wow! very nice zom! i'm not really familiar with art form like this... it's mix media? but the black gesso idea, on paper is cool. it's never occurred to me to use it on paper (perhaps because i've never really worked on paper) i use gesso on wood though. cool! cool!

sorry... came to your page by accident through a link from 'what i made today'. must come here more often now :) shall start to follow this blog :) God bless and keep creating :)

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

and loved your blog! come and meet mine! :)
kiss from Portugal!