Friday, 10 October 2008

a Sacred Act

I read a blogger this morning who is trying to get her courage up to put her art up for sale. She wrote  "because if I can't sell my art, then what am I doing?"


What has happened to us that we imagine something only has worth if we can make money from it!

Do you realise that creating is a sacred act?

Even if what you create
isn't very good.
Even if it is crap.

And if you realise that you are in an act that is sacred, I dare you to try and make crap.

It may be unskilled; you may have a lot to learn; you may even be untalented - but it won't be crap.
Because even without skill or talent, if you create in the awareness that what you are doing is sacred, what you create will carry that.

No one may buy it.

No one may recognise what is carries.

But the act will change YOU.

And the fact that there is another sacred object, will change the WORLD.

This is why we would rather have an awkward card scrawled by a 2 year old than a 'perfect' card from Hallmark.

Art can be awkward and sacred.

Paintings can be perfect and dead.

Don't reduce the act of creation to selling.

Don't reduce the value of anything in your life that way.


carlikup said...

Wow Deedee!

Thanks so much ... that means a lot coming from someone with the experience that you have.

It's amazing that you have just posted this because I was just thinking of this today....

My art may never sell but it's unbelievable what it's doing for me and how it's healing me: "it's transforming me"!

Thank you for being so genuine!

Carla :0)

Walk in the Woods said...

I love that I have evolved to a place where I define, on my own terms, what is of value in my life.

Most everything in our mainstream societies counter, contradict, discourage, demean and deValue self-worth.

I prefer the fringe . . . and then some . . .


Suzan Buckner said...

On the other hand, I have spent over $3000, this year alone to make art, and if it doesn't sell--at some point, I am going to have to quit, and make money.

My art isn't a value to WHO I doesn't mean anything about my's just something that I do, and really enjoy.
Just my two cents

Tashai said...

Wonderful inspirational post! Thanks...I needed that today. :)

Kim said...

Well said! I create "not to sell", haven't even thought of it. I create to express myself and make things that are sacred, beautiful and meaningful to me. Now don't get me wrong, I do love to share my art. I love it when someone I admire asks me a "how did you do that" question, or gives me some advice on a technique that I could do differently. I can't imagine someone NOT thinking what they create is not worthy. I guess there are two different types of artists: ones who create to make money, and ones who create for the sheer joy and pleasure it brings to them, and if they make a little money off of it, that's o.k. as well. But I don't think art should be created just for "the sell". My two cents worth.

miz katie said...

very good advice!

DeeDee/Zom said...

If one is a full time artist, as I am, you have to make money somehow. So, don't get me wrong, I am all for making money from our art. I just know that we can't value our art by the money it brings in. It is the wrong yardstick.

Pea said...

Well said.. I create art for the fun of it ..It doesnot matter if it sells or not . I like it and my friends and family like it . Thats all I care!

nollyposh said...

Ah that's why i <3 ya DDZ X:-) ~sacred art and wisdom in yer words~
such bEaUtIfUL words also change the reader xox

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Found your blog today thru Suziblu's blog. I really love your art journaling. I am trying now to get supplies together to start my own and I appreciate your recommendations on which supplies you use. You are very creative and inventive with your journaling. I can see your passion. Thanks for sharing!

katy said...

i create for me. my husband actually has commented on a few of my projects that i could sell them. i know he meant it as a compliment but for me my art is parts of me, like a journal almost and i have no intentions of letting them go! of course i am not a full time working artist i do it for myself. i would hate to have that kind of pressure.

Karin said...

Amen Sister!! So well said, I can't think of a dang thing else to add :)

mrsb said...

I love creating...and it looks like kindergarteners made it, lol! But it brings me a sense of peace and joy, so I keep doing it!

Ginger said...

So totally right, Dee Dee. Even for us, our art isn't worth much in the human sense, you know pile of poop and messed up bedding, Mum still appreciates how we keep ourselves. And we strive on her appreciation, that alone is enough for us to be creative.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

A wonderful blog, DeeDee! Your post is just what I need to hear about now!
Thanks a bunch!! See you on SuziBlu!

Connie said...

Dear DeeDee,

Thank you for writing's like you totally knew what has been going on with me lately with my Art work. I've been totally excited, and into painting my recent ladies. My intention is to really explore these ideas i have in regards to these paintings. I want to create a large series...a family...a better understanding more or less. I want to create these ladies purely as a sacred act of my creativity...and for the first time in my life...I'm making "Art" without any intention or thought to how much I could possibly sell them for. The only thing I think how I'd love to show them later in a gallery...just in pursuit to see where the conversation will go with these paintings...absolutely not for monetary reasons.

Ever since I was a child. I've painted. Always. It is what I do. And reading your post reminded me that that in itself says alot...something that has always been a constant in ones life...that relationship with something that will take us from the cradle to the is at the highest of sacred. We, as Artists, need to remember that.

Peace & love.

Anonymous said...

A great Inspirational Blog.Nice message to send.

Sydney said...

I so agree, selling is not selling out. People like me WANT to have art and bring the energy of it's maker into our homes/offices/lives.

PS: I saw your comments on NollyPosh... re: another lol.

Oddly, I just wrote something about that on my blog:

I'd say lol now, but I feel compelled to instead add nyuk nyuk.

DeeDee/Zom said...

Nyuk nyuk, I like that!

Shubhajit said...

wonderful thoughtful write up..first we don't create anything..creator is only one who created everything..we only take ideas and copy paste that ideas into some form with the help of our intellect or whatever you say.

Secondly, selling paintings is not at all a bad doubt its more of a sacred thing but why take money is what if you don't add value to it..your "creations" are valuable, sell it, at least some people will get the touch of your divine power and at you will get some money out if it..not a bad deal

scuttlebutt said...

Hi Zom,

I chanced upon your blog, really by accident. I'm a closet artist only because i cannot draw to save my life thus I refuse to admit that I am one. But I like putting things together from existing artwork or pieces.

Reading this blog made me open my eyes to the fact that creativity is sacred. You're right. It won't be crap. it doesn't matter if people will buy the things I do or if people will appreciate it. I made it. It is mine. it is sacred. It will NEVER be crap!

Thank you...

Iowa Sunshine said...

I'm so glad i found this comment. I was just thinking of giving up and not "Creating" any more! After reading your comments i know i should keep trying! I could never sell my art. I always trade if i can. I so want to trade ATCs so i can learn. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on! HUGS

The Tattered Rose said...

I have really enjoyed my first visit to your blog. It will not be my last. I loved this comment and it goes not just for art but for anything we are "called" to do. One of my mentors told me: Work as hard as you can and also (on a separate channel) try to get paid for it, but do not confuse the two. He was not speaking about art, but those were wise words and I have tried to live them. Cheers, Trish G.

robin dudley-howes said...

I really needed to hear that. I love your work.

Cara said...

Well written article.

Just Jacquie said...

wow!thanks for the advice. creating is sacred. that is lovely insight.