Monday, 10 November 2008

Being Genuine Journal Page

I named these pages after they were finished. I like not knowing what the pages are about until the end. It is a surprise for me.
I forgot to scan the first few steps of these pages, but I have posted about this oft-used way of beginning pages in an earlier post, go here. I did some journaling in permanent ink and then gessoed over the top. I painted over the gesso with pink acrylic paint and created the dark pink border with watersoluable oil pastels. 
The girl is a drawing that I did on card, then cut out and stuck on the page. The vine on the left is a rub-on.
I added the photocopy of the Page of Cups and then these pages just sat for quite a while. I felt uninspired by them. Wondered if they were dud/dead journal pages.
To be honest, the whole thing was just too sweet and pink. 
So, finally I thought: some black gesso to balance all this sweetness. I didn't like how the silver writing looked on the pink so I covered it.
Then I glued on some strips from magazines and a strip of a photocopy of one of my earlier journal pages.
And a little crow I cut from a magazine. I love crows. The pages feel more balanced to me now.
The writing enters. No plan here, just whatever feels right. It is only later that I realise that the 3 different writings coincide in the subject of being genuine. At this point, I thought the pages were finished.
But later pushed them a bit further, and I am glad I did. I added the background circles with gel pen and the extra blue flower. My journal pages are becoming more crowded, less like paintings. I like the change.


Craft Junkie said...

Great pages! I do that same thing...leave pages for a while because they just feel *blah* and I often think they're dead...but later, with a fresh eye, I find that I can make something from them. Great stuff! And the pink is great blanced with the black...and you can NEVER go wrong with crows. *smile*

mrsb said...

I've been gesso-ing over an old children's book and will be starting my very first art journal with it. I'm not sure what it will end up looking like, lol, but I am so inspired by your pages! Even if it isn't as nice as some that I've seen on blogs, I am so excited to be doing something creative and making this journal! Thanks for all of the "how to's", they really do inspire!

luthien said...

looks very pretty and balanced at the end :) nice job!

miz katie said...

Hey Zom, heard you last night on the radio. Woo! Clearly, it was a call from the future. heehee :) Can't believe what a time difference..what's it now over there, next Friday? :D I'm still a little over 2.5 hours away from 3pm Monday. Fun, fun!!

I think this is my favorite journal page so far. The little girl..the colors..the patterns. LOVE it!!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Wow! This is incredible! Thankyou so much for posting your process and images through the process. It helps when you come to try it yourself. I am going to try to use more of my old stuff in current pages, and mix it all around a bit as a result. It may help get things going.

Zom said...

what is it about crows??? the underworld bird.

mrsb, what a great idea for an art journal. I would be tempted to keep a few pages as per original and mix them with my own stuff. Now you are inspiring me!

miz katie, isn't the radio show fun? so glad you like this page.

mixed media, yeah I get inspired when I see other people mixing it up. That is how I got the courage, lol

Connie said...

Very cool Zom!!

Peace & Love.

luthien said...

my dear zom :)))))
you've been tagged!!!!!!!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

Oh, this is fun! I love seeing how it evolves... did I spell that right? Anywho, I love the pink and black, makes me smile. thanks for the inspiration, PJ

katy said...

i love how you show your process when you journal. its helpful to me.

you posted on my blog about propsal 2 in California. yes it did pass! farm animals will now be able to stand up and turn around. its a start.