Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Blooper Journal Pages

I have been posting my finished journal pages, pages that I like. I thought it was about time that I show you some that I don't like. I just look at these pages and think 'ug'. Will they stay ugly and unfinished even when my journal is full? I don't know. 
And they aren't the only ones.
I tried a new technique where you plop down some different colours of paint and close your journal. Then  you work with that. 
On the left I put down some watersoluable oil pastels and smoothed it down with a little water. On the right I painted a wash of green watercolour and added a green border of the watersoluable oil pastels.
I saw a rather intriguing image emerging from the paintblot on the left, kind of a bird woman, that I tried to emphasise with pencil. The right side I decided to cover with black gesso- which ended up looking looked like crap.
So then I sanded the right page and covered it with gesso. I had hoped to feel newly inspired after that. I did that nearly a month ago and all I do is cringe every time I go past  it.

I will go into teacher mode and say there is no reason to cringe. It is not a failure to have unfinished and crap-looking journal pages. The purpose of the journal is experimenting, playing and anything else  you want to do. In a way, it is really a good thing to have crap pages, it means that I am not playing it safe and just repeating stuff that has worked in the past. 

 I feel better now. 
What if I made crap pages on purpose? That might be fun.

If you want to see more of my journal pages, you can go to the left hand column where it says labels and click on 'my journal pages'. You will bring up all of my posts that have that label. 


luthien said...

hey zom... did you really think it was crap? em... actually... i like it! when the post suddenly appear on my computer screen i jumped up a little cos i caught sight of the human form on the side (not your bird woman) the one beside it. to me it looks like an ethereal being looking over the mountains and vales. as in "there's a power out there looking over us" ...i immediately thought of my crystals as well. i have one with an inclusion similar to that figure of yours :) COOL!

Anonymous said...


Zom said...

Oh that is cool. I love it when people disagree with me, it is so interesting don't you think?
I can see the human form.

I am sure someone else could make something interesting from these pages (maybe you Luthien?) but they just leave me cold.

mrsb said...

I like the bird woman side. I didn't see her at first, just the brown human form. The picture makes me think of people dancing around a circle of stones (like Stonehenge).

Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Zom,
These pages aren't exactly ugly, they may just need a little more attention than some pages. But I like the idea of making ugly pages for fun. Will I really let myself do it though? Now I'm trying to think of what "ugly" is...
Great posting.
Happy days,

painter girl said...

Hey Zom,
I like the idea of making ugly pages on purpose. But I didn't think these were ugly...I love the bird woman. Can't wait to see what comes out of these.

Zom said...

After going to your blog, painter girl, I understand why you like the birdwoman. Perhaps you have inspired me to finish her.

Walk in the Woods said...

The art journal can be so much - and to my way of thinking, the artwork produced AND the experience of creating it is different for everyone.

For me, my art journal is an extension of my Book of Mirrors (my written journal) and so it is about personal growth, healing and my own perceptions of what I witness in my world. The art journal offers me to do that work AND explore mediums and techniques ... same as my Book of Mirrors - WITHOUT judgement. So whether I like the "finished" work or not is immaterial to me because it's about the Journey NOT the destination --- or in this case, the process and NOT the outcome.

nollyposh said...

Hey i lOvE ~bird woman~
are you going to sketch her in???
She's cool... maybe the opposite page will say something of her story one day??? xox

Zom said...

That's a good idea Vicki.

luthien said...

hey rose.. i think you are so right in saying it's the journey and not the destination. destination matters as well... but the journey towards it, is more important cos in the process we learn so much... about the mediums, AND more importantly, about ourselves. in ANYTHING we do.. if only we are more concerned with the journey and not thinking about reaping the end benefits.. i dare say we will feel greater compassion and fulfillment in our lives. and perhaps the benefits we initially thought of are no longer as important.

afiori said...

Crap pages on purpose are great!!!
I do that sometimes - and what often happens is they turn out better than the ones I "planned".....

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