Saturday, 22 November 2008

a Great Idea

I had a great idea last night. It was the last day of my Creativity class today and I thought it would be cool to exchange a journal page with everyone. 

I am so glad that I did. It has given me the time to really look at some of their journal pages, which are wonderful. People hold them up in class, but get shy and don't give everyone enough time to look. Of course no one realises how good their own pages are. 

And now I get to put those pages in my book. I will cut them up and reuse them - the most respectful, honouring thing that I can think of to do with them.  Because my art is the most sacred honouring action that I do. 
I hope that they will use my pages the same way, instead of feeling that they should preserve the pages as I made them. It is like we are mixing our creativity up. A new kind of love and intimacy. 

I will miss everyone. I had so much fun. 


nollyposh said...

Hey maybe you could do the same with us (bloggy girls!?!)

mrsb said...

Oh, wow! That's kind of a brave thing to do! Maybe it's because I've only just started my first art journal, but each page is so special to me. I'd be a little sad to give them away. Maybe a copy, though... I do love the idea of mixing them all up into new art, though.

Chris said...

you have had a great idea. I would have never thought of this! It is going to be really interesting and enriching to see them in different ways!

we are shy with our work, and forget how much pleasure it gives others.

iHanna said...

You should make a exhibit at the end of each class when people get up and could have a closer look at what others have made. Kind of a walk around the tables?

Zom said...

mrsb, I should have said we traded photocopies of our art journal pages! I feel the same as you, I wouldn't be too game for cutting them out. lol

iHanna, I like your idea. I always tell them that they don't have to show anything. I want them to feel safe to express whatever they want in their journals.

Joanie Hoffman said...

Nollyposh has a good idea~maybe a trade with us bloggers.....
Happy days,