Monday, 17 November 2008

How to Get Past the Censor

Do you have a pad and pen by your bed?

I am amazed by the amount of ideas I get early in the morning. The most common scenario is similar to what happened  this morning. As I woke, I remembered what I had being dreaming. (Hey Vicki, do you remember our adventure last night? I came to visit; you took me to an artist meeting that turned into a spiritual meeting - as they do lol. Ekhart Tolle was there.) I wrote down the dream, and then lay back down, thinking of who I had met and what had happened.

On this open door, entered more ideas. The first was a new approach for the exhibition proposal that I am writing. Then came an idea for my current painting series. And finally the idea for this post. I wrote them all down and went back to sleep.

One of the main things standing between us and our ideas is the censor. He tells us not to bother, it isn't a good idea, go back to sleep. If you learn to write everything down, without bothering about what is good or bad, you can get past the censor. 

If you want to learn more about the censor, in his other guise as the critic, click here.


Craft Junkie said...

I'm learning this very lesson, Zom...I've put duct tape over the mouth of my inner critic, it's the only way I can hear my inner voice.
Oh, and I have journals that are in my studio, bedside, my purse, end table...they're everywhere! No idea is too crazy or too small...they all have something to offer, don't you think?
Peace & Love,

Zom said...

I have a proliferation of notebooks, and a few sketchbooks. Organising can be a bit of a problem, but better too many ideas than too few! lol

nollyposh said...

Oh damn!!! Was i asleep AGAIN!!!!
(i'm always missing out on tha fun stuff because i'm a sleepin!!!) Just joshin it is actually a practice that my Guru talks about, a daily morning practice... Funny that you should talk about a spiritual meeting though as i went past a Spiritualist Church today (on my daily radiotherapy trek) & something inside me tickled & said perhaps i should make a visit sometime (???) Do do do doo do do doo (=X-files tune!) vicki x

Zom said...

is the spiritualist church where they talk to ghosties? that would be cool.

nollyposh said...

i think so X:-o! X:-)
i'll let you know if i get brave enough to go!

carlikup said...

I love this post Zom! Thanks!

Walk in the Woods said...

Ah, the censor ... the committee ...

When I hear those voices now, my antennae go up immediately! It took me some 40+ years to get to this point of confident trust and knowing.

When I hear those false voices (which is beautifully rare these days) I usually tell them to "shut the BLANK up" as I prepare to A) act contrary to their counsel and/or B) consult with my TRUE inner voice(s).


Jennifer Hugon said...

"He tells us not to bother, it isn't a good idea, go back to sleep."

I love this post! So true... I still struggle with the Censors far too often, to the point of creative paralysis. My mind is overflowing with ideas, but the Censors always shoot them down and tell me not to bother.

Thank you for sharing! Gives me courage to shut them up!

Zom said...

I so want you to ignore the censor. You do beautiful work, I hate to think of the ideas you have that aren't being created.

This is an important point though. We don't have to shut the censor up, we just need to have the courage to ignore him.