Friday, 21 November 2008

A Survey

Anybody want to give an opinion? I have put a survey up in the left corner.
Everyone is always so nice, no one ever says "gee, that video was crap" or " just put up the journal pages, I don't want to hear your opinions."

I'm not saying be mean, but the survey is an opportunity to say what you prefer in my blog. You can always add comments if I haven't listed what you would secretly like.

Go on, get if off your chest.


nollyposh said...

i want the whole ~shabang!!!~ X;-)
Oh you know what i mean tha ~all~ of ya x

miz katie said...

how about videos of you doing your journal pages? know me. I voted for videos. heehee

btw, did you join the 3 week challenge on ning? Let me know if you need a link. It starts soon, and it's about doing daily journal pages.

luthien said...

basically... we've gotten to know you and your quirks... we (well i) want to continue to read anything about you :) the journals are great, i can learn from them, the ravings are normal for an artist :) i love to read those as well :) actually i love to read what you write on the journals... it never ceases to surprise me ... things that you come up with when you are in artist mode and in deep thot. i laughed at the videos :0 i wanted to do a couple of vlogs myself but never got onto it :) i'm quite a busybody... so yea... personal stuff are nice as well. basically zom... you have a good mix here :) dun worry about us, like rose says "this is my blog" :) so.. write whatever you want... people who follow you... genuinely wants to read everything you write :) have a good day and sorry for being long winded :)

Barb - aka Craft Junkie said...

I'm loving your blog and everything you put in it...but I voted for journal pages (they are a huge part of my passion lately) but videos of your journal pages would be uber great! But you will keep giving us personal stuff and other artsy-fartsy stuff, too, right?
Peace & Love,

Artiste Nouveau said...

I voted for everything because I love reading it all. Your blog is one of my favorites to visit :)

Zom said...

I am glad I posted this just for your comments guys. thanks for the feedback.