Thursday, 27 November 2008

What has Happened to Play?

In my survey you asked for more videos, so here you go.

Well, a few of you said more videos.

(I have discovered that I don't have to put on makeup or change from my studio clothes to make a video just cause everyone else seems to. tee hee)


nanakin1 said...

Maybe part of our purpose IS to "play', so that we don't lose our creative spark and become closed minded. Even with a definite purpose we need to remain open to new ideas and ways of doing things; "play" is a great way to do that.
Wishing you peace from the universe and a whole bunch of hugs from me,

nollyposh said...

i hear you DeeDee
i SO ~hear~ yOu!
and i think perhaps that we are here in these wonderful times to learn just THAT very thing...
it's time to play...
it's TIME to be childlike...
it's sImLpY ~time~
and do yOu know what chickie
YoU my bloggy friend have helped me to remember that very thing...
that it's okay to have fUn and pLaY
and to ~dream~ and bElIvE in faeries and MaGiCaL things
~Thankyou~ for THAT from my ~deepest~ hEaRt my friend xox
(ps) i think you are ~brave~ doing heartfelt stuff like this *kissez*

nollyposh said...

(ppS) i agree with Nancy up there too X:-)

Walk in the Woods said...

"Maybe everything could be play."


I love ya Zom! Just this morning I'm looking through my list of things to do - which blends *everything* I have to do and *want* to do without any editing or ordering. A true Master task list.

And what this Master list has taught me is to treat the tasks of "responsibility" like bills and bookkeeping on par with the tasks of pure play and joy. So, I make a game of those tasks ... like today, I'm not really in the mood for *playing* with numbers, but the 1st of the month approaches and, well, I *have* to play with them ... so today I am walking for 30 minutes then taking another 30 minutes to *play* with those numbers ... to see what I can accomplish in that tiny snippet of playtime.

Crazy, eh?

Yet ... I often find that I get WAY more done in these little bite-sized snippets of time than I ever imagined I would, or I get on a roll and keep at it until a significant chunk is done and behind me. Either way (or some other) it becomes a game to me and so *is* PLAY and not ::shudder:: "work."

Have a beautiful and playful day!

Zom said...

It doesn't seem crazy to me. I do it in a similar manner. I hate anything I 'have to do' so I tell myself I will do it for 10 minutes (then usually end up going longer). I think you are right, it often ends up feeling more like play then.

My "to do" list is titled "things I could do". I have a bit of a thing about being told what to do, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love to play! After finishing one thing on my to-do-list I allow myself to play. Like a reward for being good. After playing I return to my to-do-list. Crazy cycle!

I do feel my art journal pages are start to look the same too.

Sorry I missed "the vote".

Connie said...

You know what is interesting. I think society has played a huge role in taking away play time. Seriously. For one thing, in the public school I teach at...the students have "recess" for 20 minutes a day. 20 minutes--that's all. And instead of it being a free time that they can just go out and play--use their imagination, create childhood games and, the state department of education insists that "recess" be structured...and teachers need to create activities for the students to do. What the f#@*???? Everything in grade school has to have a specific outcome. And what comes after that? You go to college to achieve a certain lead you to a certain lead you to a certain lead you to certain lead you to a certain lead you to your grave. In this drawn out, boring as hell path where is play time? You can't even find it in childhood even more. Video games have replaced actual going outside and running games are starving a generation from learning how to really play sports, dance, play instruments...instead of holding some game control in your hand. That's not play---that's "structured play". Society seems to forgotten that this is life...not a bulletin board to post up achievements and tasks completed. I hear you Zom!! I hear you big time! And truthfully...I'm sick of it all too. I'm sick of feeling guilty for swapping expected "adult responsibilites" for a life that I choose. I'm sick of thinking that I'm being "childish" because I spend my time pushing paint around too. Life IS about play. It is...not structured play...but the kind that lets your heart discover new territory..lets your soul dance around...lets your body feel limber and loose.

Zom--I'm with you. It's time to make time for play!

Peace & Love.

Zom said...

thank you Connie for such a heartfelt response. I am struck dumb (in a good way).


I so hear you!
We need not worry, be happy and just play!

Anonymous said...

This totally struck a nerve with me. I completely agree. Why do we always have to "be more", "do more"? Why can't we just let ourselves "be". At least I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. We all need to give ourselves a break!

Just Jacquie said...

wow, i feel like the same way. now if you excuse me. im going to make something.

Sandra said...

Dont you ever stop to play,cause you do it well.Loads of good love from Holland you made my night!

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Zom said...

Thanks Sandra that is fantastic,

and thank you (sorry I am unable to pronounce or spell your name).

Renee said...

I am very sure that many people can relate to you. I know I can.

I love your honesty.

Even though you do not need any justification for playing or having fun I want you to know that I get so much help from your site and I look at it all the time.

By the way, you are absolutely beautiful.


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