Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Most Hated Journal Pages

This were my most hated journal pages. The ones that I would fantasise cutting out (except that I liked the pages on its backside.) The ones that I would rush by when flipping through my journal. What was I ever going to do with them? I even posted my humiliation in the post Blooper Journal Pages. To find out more about their beginnings, click on that link.
After leaving them for a few weeks, I ventured in again. 
The left page was intriguing so I drew into the splot of paint. I saw a bird woman.  I wiped out the right page with black gesso. I felt stuck.  
I gessoed over the right page.

I knew what I 'should' do. I felt I should complete it as some kind of drawing. But I just didn't want to. It didn't inspire me. 
I left the pages for 6 weeks or more before I played with them again.
When I did return, it was play that got me over the hump. Without too much thinking I stuck down strips of magazine, a photocopy of an old photo from younger days, and a piece of colour photocopy of an earlier journal page. I cut out more magazine bits to create a new hat and dress for myself.
I brought in pieces of photocopies of my wonderful students' pages. And of the Fool card in the Tarot. A photo of me as a toddler. I wasn't thinking out any of this - maybe I was attracted to images and writing because of colour, I don't know. 
I used my new ZIG opaque writer fine tip pen (white) for the fool's sun and mountain peaks. It really blocks stuff out.
Finally the writing. The question is mine. The answer, I don't know where it comes from. 


PJ's talking2.... said...

I love this spread! It's really good. The woman with her head turned grabbed me. Now I'm going to have to have a Zig opague writer...~PJ

~Barb~ said...

I have to do this all the time...leave pages I start until they find a way to come to life. You've come full circle with this spread and I love it. Nice work.
Peace & Love,

miz katie said...

I have a few hated pages, too. I'm thinking of re-working them, but i don't know. I'm torn. The pages are a couple years old. So, I'm thinking I should just leave them alone. It is what it is. Move on, and stop trying to be perfect, type of thing. If it was only a few weeks old, I wouldn't think twice about it..I'd just do it.

So, do you like your pages now? I think it came out lovely. I like the picture of you and your new dress.

luthien said...

now that turned out rather well didn't it :) glad you left at least one of the pages there :)

suzi blu said...

See what happens when we don't run away from our 'ugly' parts. When we look deeper we transform them into beauty. I love love your journals. I cant wait to buy my new molekine this week.
Happy New Year!
Cher...uh, I mean Suzi
: )

Zom said...

I do like the pages now. I didn't say that, did I? My pages seem to be getting more and more crowded. I like it.

Mar said...

great blog!
found you cruzin through suzi blu's pages and saw your journal pages that you posted there..led me here
TERRIFIC pages! and explanations too
happy new year

nollyposh said...

i ~love~ this page, it speaks to me tOO xox

Walk in the Woods said...

While shame and guilt are words that surface much for me, the left hand page just pulls me in and back to it. Nice!

Happy 2009!

Renee said...

Great job.


Karin said...

The results are rich and powerful. hate = heat (rearranged!), resulting in your passion, power play coming through here. I just love that quiet, proud bird woman, radiating the complete antithesis to shame and guilt. bravo!

Zom said...

I think the fool is what can save me from the guilt and shame. It is kind of like returning to the innocence of childhood where there isn't the guilt and shame and not feeling good enough.

Thanks so much for the comments you guys. You help me to go deeper into my own pages.

lynne h said...

the urgency is something you brought through so you could grow quickly.

oh my! yes! (and i thought i was the only one ; )

carlikup said...

The page is awesome.

Chris said...

Okay, THIS is fascinating.
I am printing this and keeping it.
so, there.

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Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

A visual buffet. I just love your style!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this. Made me redo my most hated journal pages last night instead of throwing the whole damn thing out! Now I can't wait to do more!

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