Sunday, 7 December 2008

When New Techniques don't work out

I started something new last week. I began making my first journal, the actual book part.  I had been collecting some tutorials from the web and they got me excited to go.
It began fantastically. I went with this tutorial from Creativity Prompt because it looked pretty simple. I wanted something quick that wasn't too rough. (Did you know there are tutorials for books made from cereal boxes? Crowabout has a great one here. I want to try it sometime.)

I changed it. Of course I changed it. I don't have the patience to make anything just to learn from it. I wanted a bigger journal, so I made it bigger. A lot bigger. From 7cm to 25cm (the fact that I am not converting to inches is a kind of lame political statement). Maybe the size change was where I went wrong.
I cut the pages from my pastel pad. It was exciting to be able to choose the paper. I glued the cardboard cover with some decorative paper I had. I had to use 4 pieces and piece it together, a patchwork look that I quite liked. 
It was all looking great. I attached the ribbons with glue instead of double sticky tape ( didn't have any tape). the glue worked well.
The trouble started with the stitching. There weren't detailed instructions. Or not as detailed as I wanted. As I tried to go under, around and over, it got pulled and tugged (and knots in the thread) and it kinda tore some. You can see it here, where the ribbon pulled away from the cover.
And the signatures (the bunch of folded paper) weren't evenly placed and have a space inbetween so when you open the pages there is a gap.
I don't think the ribbons are going to be able to hold it all together.

I was upset, which is kinda silly considering this blog is all about 'go for it and don't worry about making mistakes." Oh well, teach what you need to learn and all that.
I haven't given up. Don't think that. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. And the kind of cool thing is that now that the book feels kinda 'ruined' I feel more free to experiment.


luthien said...

why don't you just punch holes and ring them together? i really like the green paper though... cool... cool... looking forward to see how it progresses...the cereal box idea is good. i have quite a few so now i know what to do with them :) i also have milk tins ( baby's milk powder) must think of something to do with those :) i know how it feels when you try something new and it doesn't really work... i'm gonna post my mixed media magnetic boards soon... which i'm not totally excited about... haven't yet got 'the eye' for it (mixed media) yet :))))) but it's the learning process that's exciting isn't it? though the result may not be all that pretty :)))))

miz katie said...

I've been making and selling books for about 10 years. I've never made a perfect one. They are complicated and take a lot of time, no matter what style you choose.

I love the cover design on yours. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to use it, even though it's flawed. It is beautiful, no matter what.

nollyposh said...

Still looks exciting to me X:-)

Walk in the Woods said...

I love making "mistakes."

They are great teachers for right-brain play!


~Barb~ said...

I like to believe there are no mistakes, only lessons. Book making is one art I've not attempted yet but you do make it seem like something I need to tackle soon! I hope you'll show us your progress with your journal/book making.
Peace & Love,

Flor Larios Art said...

I agree. It is good to make mistakes once in a while. You have no idea how much you learn from them.
Don't give up.

Karin said...

You really dove right into it Zom - I love your spirit!! Your book was ambitious and is really a great design.
Bookbinding isn't easy, especially following directions from tutorials. I've been binding for a lot of years now, and teach it, but like Miz Katie - still run into similar issues now and again! So, I've become a great camouflage artist ;-) If the book is holding together well, other than the glue pulling at ribbon issue you pictured, you could take some complimentary fabric, or paper, the length of the binding edge, fold over lengthwise edges, and glue along cover edge, wrap over binding side, and do the same & glue to back cover along edge. I know that hides your stitching work, but it also will hide the issues and pull the covers together securely, and lessen the stress on the ribbon. If you decide to delve into this art form further, I have found Cover to Cover to be the most concise, and easy to follow instructive book both starting out, and still!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I NEVER have luck with the directions, NEVER. I don't think they're talking to me, they're talking to everyone else, and it's a secret. Well, I could paranoid... could be... BUT WHY DOES IT NEVER WORK? :) I just have to do it my way... just have to. Thanks for the therapy...~PJ

amy said...

I am the same way about directions. I look and then I do it my own way, kind of like with recipes too. It looks good though. Maybe you could try a stronger glue with the ribbon. Either way I think it looks ok. :)

Zom said...

Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. I am going to continue on. I feel kind of excited about it, like 'what will happen next'?

Luthien, I want to make a book with rings. I think it would be a really good way to be able to use 3D stuff inside!

Miz Katie and Karin, so good to have encouragement from the experienced! Of course I didn't realise potential pitfalls. I think I will try your suggestion Karin.

thanks for the empathy PJ, amy Flor. and encouragement, Vicki, Rose and Barb and amy. I love all you guys.

Leslie said...

What a great start to your book-impressive and who cares about mistakes-part of the learning process! Your book is lovely-much success in the continuation of it!

Lots of Love,

Leslie said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and for the comment, I appreciate it-just added myself as a follower so I will be able to easily come back again!

Lots of love,

Walk in the Woods said...

Love you back!

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