Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Artistic Journey, part 3

Part 1 of this story is here. Part 2 is here.

DD was now living in a country town with the man she loved. The only school she knew of that taught the old skills of painting was back in the city she had just left. She wasn't going back.

One day DD was sitting in a local coffee shop, bored, and happened to pick up a local newspaper that  someone had left. It was a depressing paper, one she never read. In it was an article about a new art school opening up, one that would be teaching traditional painting skills!

The next three years DD spent learning how to paint and draw. At times it was very painful as she had to unlearn slick habits she had learned in graphic arts' school. But at the end of those three years, even though she still wasn't a very good artist, she had the skills to possibly get to be a good artist - with a lot lot lot of practice.

So she painted.
And painted.
And painted some more.
And some more.
Every day, all day, she painted.

She fought discouragement. She fought procrastination. She fought fear. She fought self-doubt. She never defeated any of them. 
But she learned how to persist.
And she learned how to have courage.
And she learned how to love her creations even when they disappointed her (which was often).
For eleven years she stayed in her studio and painted.

Her friends asked her when she would have a show. 
"Not yet" she said, "I am not good enough yet."

There was another hitch. DD was scared to come out of her studio.

The tale of this journey ends here.


Anonymous said...

I am loving this verbal journey through your life...very, very much.

nollyposh said...

Oh my gOOdneSS DeeDee this is the journey of a ~true~ artist... Travelling across the sea, Love lost and found, ill fitting jobs, mystery schOOls and aRt from the heart in all it's painful beauty... sighhhh... Tell me more, tell me more X:-)

luthien said...

not long now DD... :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna know more - waiting for part 4

Renee said...

It is hard when a person doesn't have faith in themselves. I think we all don't know our self-worth at times.

Love Renee

Connie said...

Oh man, now I got to wait for part four. Damn it.

I love reading about this journey with you.

Right now in my life I am at a major crossroads I feel. I need to decide---do I keep walking down this well marked, neat and tidy, comfortable path I'm on that just doesn't feel right--doesn't seem to match the landscape I see in my heart or do I follow towards the path my heart is pointing to on its little heartbeat GPS system!!

Why I bring this up Zom, is because before I started traveling down the path I'm currently on--the one I'm in question of---I used to be like you in a sense--I used to paint, and paint, and paint like crazy in my studio. I purposely took jobs that would make me quick money and force me to be social (bartneder--waitress)--so that I could kill two birds with one stone!! But, what that tells me about myself---what I am discovering about my own journey through reading yours is that painting and Art were my priority in even came before making a living or having friends. That time in my life, even though I struggled materially, I was happier beyond believe--painting and discovering all this amazing stuff through the process.

Wow, I just realized that now.

You, by revealing your journey to us, have helped me with another huge breakthrough discovery in what I should do at this crossroads I'm at.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being so amazing--for shining in so many ways. Your glow is shedding light all the way here to Phoenix, AZ!!

Peace & Love.