Monday, 19 January 2009

An Artistic Journey, part 1

Once upon a time there was a little girl named DD who loved to draw and make things. Most children love to draw and make things, and I suppose she was no different. Her and her big sister would make elaborate doll houses from cardboard boxes, and their dolls would have wild adventures going to see Vanilla the Wise (a large troll doll) up on the hilltop (coffee table).

As she grew older, her 5th grade teacher told her that she should outline everything she drew in black to make it look better. DD resented the teacher fooling around with her pictures, but she knew better than to say so.

DD got older and was asked what she wanted to do with her life. She remembered a drawing she had made when she was ten, it was of  a horse drawn cart full of easels and art supplies so that she could go around as a traveling artist.
But she was older now and knew that was a silly dream.
"I want to be a graphic artist," she answered because at least it was some kind of artist.
Her art teacher told her that all graphic artists do is stick down other people's writings and pictures. She knew she didn't want to do that, but he didn't give her any other suggestions.

DD graduated high school with good marks. Her father suggested she become an engineer, like him. She would have liked to go to art school, but compromised with a fine arts major at a liberal arts college.

Many adventures, and a few men later, she apprenticed herself to a sign writer. He wasn't a very nice fellow, but she learned to paint signs and started a small business. More adventures and DD fell in love with an Australian man and went with him to Australia.

is continued here


nollyposh said...

We would have been BEsTest FRIENDS!!! Me and DeeDee (tOO bad you didn't come to Australia earlier!) ...My sister and i used to make 'buses' out of egg cartons, fill all the little 'seats' with little paper people and go on adventures up to the mountain top (Top of the stairs)... It was always much more fun coming down though Lol! X:-)... and then you followed your heart <3 on an overseas adventure, (how bRaVe!!!) ...and then what happened??? x

nollyposh said...

(ps) My first job was an apprentice graphic artist... and that's so true... It was cutting and pasting and bromiding (sEE i'm a dinosaur!) other people's art... i used to dream about being a sign writer Lol!

Zom said...

It was cutting and pasting for me too Vicki. It was the 80's. That is why I couldn't be a graphic artist now even if I wanted to! lol

Sign writing was cool. But the paints were full of lead and I used to get messed up. Now a lot of it is done by computers. I trained before the computers.

(the egg carton buses sound cool.)

A rambling rose said...

Oh YES - great story and I can identify so much with it! Really looking forward to Chapter 2!! Thank you

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh, I;m looking forward to hearing more! We share an essence of parallel, methinks. A little, anyway!

Anonymous said...

This story is soudnign familiar. Although where you have engineer I had lawyer

luthien said...

hmm... sounds really familiar... dying for the next episode!

nanakin1 said...

Oh my! I'm so curious to know what happened next. Really, you don't HAVE to wait 'til tomorrow to add another post. It's great fun to read about the lives and times of the people we admire!
Nancy (nanakin1)

Renee said...

DD I am in love with a little girl that loved to draw and played with her big sister.

Can't wait to hear the rest.

Love your new banner.

Love Renee

Chris said...

What a great idea!

PJ's talking2.... said...

This is very interesting. Can't wait to read more. ~PJ

Connie said...

Zom, first I need to apologize for not being here for awhile. I feel like I've missed so much. So I'm going to spend my morning catching up!!

I've always wanted to be an Artist since I was a tiny tike too. My mom was kind of supportive about it--in that she said "you need to be a graphic designer--and do the art on the side". So, I was lucky to go to a high school that also branched off into a vocational school and "commercial art" was a vocation. I learned there--in high school that I HATED--HATED-HATED graphic design. Sometimes even violently hated it!! Lashing out at a t-square or shoving the lid really hard on one of those fancy markers! Then, in my senior year, I went to visit various art schools and universities and checked out both the fine arts department and the graphic design departments...and I really KNEW then where I belonged and followed my heart.

Sometimes I wonder if parents would simply let go of their fears and instead tell their children from day one---yes you can do that---yes you will be a success at that--yes you are an artist---instead of saying things like "this is more practical" or "you need something to fall back on" (I love that one!)--I wonder if parents would just instill confidence and support in their children's heart from the beginning--if there would be less unhappy adults later on.

Teaching K-8 I see the little kids that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY believe they are artists and that's what their life is about...I get those kids-that was me and you. And I see kids that say they want to be an artist--because its so much fun. Those kids will naturally change their minds later--follow their hearts into being the doctors, lawyers, accountants, burger flippers of the world. That's ok. That's more then's those ones that really believe--I tell them its possible--I tell them they can do it. Let them figure it out later--with a strong foundation of believe, confidence, and support "to fall back on".

Peace & Love.