Thursday, 22 January 2009

Creativity Journal Page

These pages were a long and convoluted journey. Again, strong background colours are very limiting. You have to come up with something even stronger over the top. I don't think I have succeeded here, but it was fun trying.

I have a few new techniques for you to try.
First I started with cutting a window. You are looking at the previous page here. It is neat to have this communication going on between two sets of pages. You might need a bit more planning than usual to make it work.
It is bad, but I started these pages so long ago that I don't remember where I read about this technique. If anyone recognises it, please give me a heads up and I will add the credit.

You start with water soluble crayons and lay down the colour thickly. This wasn't thick enough, I had to go back for a second time to get the strength I wanted.  
Then go over it with a brush and water. Because the crayon is thick, you won't be able to write over the top of it unless you seal it with matt medium (just brush some over the top). I was very happy to find out about this trick as I have 'killed' a few pens trying to write over water soluble crayon.

Now, what do you put over colour like this?
I thought I would try a black line drawing. I started with the furniture and the portrait 'painting' (magazine cut-out). But it seemed too delicate. 

Then I read about 'zentangles' and thought I would try them out. It's fun. Really it is just doodling. You start with an outer shape and fill it in. Don't think about it too much.
I used my new Identi-Pen for a strong line.

The crow is a photocopy from another journal page.
I decided not to do the writing in black, cause I wanted it to fade into the background a bit.
Click on the picture to read the writing. You will be amazed by what it says.

Oh yeah, and I added some colour into the doodles.


luthien said...

"I don't think I have succeeded here, but it was fun trying."
REALLY? i think this is one of your more fabulous pages!

i really love it! so much play, youth and energy! and the doodles around it... a touch of genius... really ties up the pages perfectly and gives it a sense of purpose...

Zom said...

okay, that is good to know Luthien. thanks

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like it a lot. And thanks for the tips and ideas.

~Barb~ said...

Don't you just love Zentangles? I have adored them for a while now and yours are gorgeous! This whole spread is unbelievably beautiful. I can't believe you think it isn't one of your better pieces...I think it's fantastic! I love everything about it.
Peace & Love,

Chris said...

Very nice! I like windows and flaps and pockets. Too bad I haven't MADE ANY IN AWHILE!!

(she says, with frustration)

Nice inspiration here, as always!

Connie said...

When I was going to school for my art teaching liscense they talked about that nasa quote you wrote. I went to school in 2000 for teaching art. That Nasa discovery was made in 1968. I'm sure they could do the same experiment now and find the same results or even worse--since computers have become more accessible since then--and let's not forget the impact of video games and even fast food-fast everything society. My question is why hasn't anyone ever done anything about this? Why hasn't this fact caused any alarm? If they said children were loosing hair at that rapid speed you better believe people would be finding a cure for this tragedy.

The results of that experiment are not based on natural development of a child--it is based on the socialization of an individual.

I'll end my rant there.

On a more up-beat note---I recently purchased a couple of those Identi-pens and love them!!! I actually find myself during the day longing to write with it!!!

I love the juicyness of your journal page here!!! I could just drink it all up!

Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

wow! I really like this activity too!!! thanks for sharing it. Love the zentangles :-)