Monday, 26 January 2009

Polite Changes don't count Journal Page

I started and finished this page very quickly.
It was initially inspired by Misty Mawn. She does beautiful work and has an inspiring blog.
She did this wonderful drawing in her art journal with water soluble crayons. I haven't used the crayons for a picture before and wanted to give it a try so I did a version of her picture. I hope she doesn't mind. 
I don't imagine she will mind because hers looks a lot better than mine does. It is kind of embarrassing.
I did the picture all with the water soluble crayons, used a bit of water and then sealed it with acrylic matt medium. This makes it so that you can write in pen over the top. 

I will tell you something kind of funny that happened. I used my new alphabet templates ( I bought them really cheap from a dollar store) and carefully lettered in Safe Polite Changes. It seemed kind of weird to carefully letter in the next bit so I grabbed one of my permanent markers, I think they are for marking laundery, and scrawled don't count on the page.

I turned the page over and discovered that it had bled through the previous page onto a very intricate black ink drawing that I had done - which I had liked very much. So, is that some kind of warning about unsafe changes? or just make sure your pens aren't the bleeding type?

I like the quotes on these pages very much. Both I heard on radio interviews.
the Soul is here for creative purposes, for experiences, not for security


nollyposh said...

i love it and she is beautiful x

paintedskywoman said...

I love it too. That quotes is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art. Like your learning to fly with a symbol of the bird and next to you is the tv coming out with words of learning. Great art!

~Barb~ said...

I think your watercolored girl is gorgeous! And I have had my paint pens bleed through to the page behind, too! Drives me nuts. Guess that's why I've started to gesso every single page in my journal before I do anything to it. lol
Peace & Love,

Zom said...

I didn't know it was a tv Julie-ann, LOL!

Love to you guys.

misty said...

you did a wonderful job!!!!! thanks for sharing!

PJ's talking2.... said...

She's sweet, and love the quote. I love those crayons, but tried them on canvas, yuck! Thanks for mentioning the medium. Detail I wouldn't have thought of. ~PJ

Renee said...

Your picture is lovely. It completely pleases the eye. Love it. xoxoxo


Jolie Dennison said...

Your piece is absolutely lovely and it's so interesting to see your spin on Misty's piece.

I feel absolutey compelled to say something about your comment that you are embarassed because you feel hers is better. I think they are both gorgeous pieces...they are just different. Hers has more of a a strong energetic feel (to me), while I find yours more subtle and and calming. I'm sure that has alot to do with the way that her strokes are still very evident, while yours are blended out. I love them both, but for different reasons. I think we all tend to compare ourselves to other artists and can never see the true value in our own work. I don't mean monetary value, but artistic value. I know it's hard, because I do it to, but don't assume yours is less because you love someone else's so much. I bet Misty would tell you that too. As I said, I love to see artists be inspired by and put their own spin on other's work. I would have been disappointed if it was the same, because then it wouldn't have shown who YOU are as an artist. So ignore your inner judge and give yourself a pat on the back, please. You did a brilliant job!

Zom said...

thanks Jolie, you are very generous.

I did decide to keep my piece lower key because I was interested in the writing as well as the figure. I agree that Misty's is stronger energetically and I do like that.

I wonder if I was trying to lure you in with the calm figure so that I could zap you with the message, lol!

I also think it can be okay to admit that someone else's piece is better than mine. I do a lot of pages and if some of them aren't wonderful, I can be okay with that too.

Connie said...

I love the creamy dreamy effect those crayons create.

Peace & Love.

Walk in the Woods said...


Dithi said...

Love the original and love your rendition in the journal page, great colours and very soft:)

Chris said...

Wow. That is a great quote about changes. It is so true, and I'm feeling it about the govt. these days, although I try to be patient.
And yay for happy accidents!