Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tutorial on Gluing with Gel Medium

Here is a helpful tutorial by Claudine Hellmuth on what gel medium is and how to glue with it.

I use either an acid-free glue stick or matte gel medium for my gluing. The glue stick is easier in that there is no brush to clean up, but I haven't tested it for longevity. I am trying not to get too perfectionist in my journals so I am okay with that.


Walk in the Woods said...

I've been using gel medium exclusively - just 'cause I dig it so! Yet - like you - the art journal is a place of play and free expression, so archival quality is hardly a concern there.


PS - your "spacey" comment made me laugh!!!

Sydney said...

Hey Ms. Z --

Please stop by Matters of the Heart -- I am throwing a birthday party for Nollyposh (hers was January 1) where we all have a place to have a chat as if we're at a cafe table together.

I also need you to leave your b-day in the comments of the post I put just before that one.

PJ's talking2.... said...

So glad you mentioned the glue sticks. Nelda told me I wouldn't get the ripples with it, like I do with the medium. It works! But I'm paranoid about the little ends that pop up, ended up gluing them down with medium. :) Gotta watch the video. thanks! ~PJ

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Glue sticks are "wonderful", so easy and available to use. When I am working on my journals or scrapbooks, everything needs to be visible and accessible. Claudine's work is amazing and she puts more thought and time into her work than I do.

Zom said...

I think 'thought and time work' or 'spontaneous without thought work' are both really good.

Arty Em said...

that's a helpful tutorial - thanks for sharing it. I also have had success with adding the paper if I spritz the back of it with plain water before I add it to the surface - the wetness seems to make it stick better.
and in my paper journal, I use spray mount because then the page is dry and I don't have to wait, impatient person that I am, to work more on the page.
and also, I loved your post about making the journal itself, I am going to do that!
thanks so much for all the tips and hints.
Scared work, this journaling is!