Monday, 2 February 2009

the Heart has Its Reasons Journal Page

I tell you though, I think symbolic stuff can work on us without us understanding what is going on. Like dreams do. And when I look at these pages there is a feeling of healing though I couldn't tell you what it is about.
I began these pages by writing down a dream.
I put a coat of gesso over the writing so that it wouldn't show as much. I painted both pages with a watered down layer of raw umber acrylic paint. I could have used watercolour, it doesn't matter. The thin paint goes blotchy on the moleskine paper. I don't mind that for backgrounds.

But for my next journal, I am going to try a different book with different paper. I want to do more painting in the next one.
The moth is a magazine cut out. Again, no plan for these pages. I am working completely on impulse. I went through a bunch of images I had cut out and felt drawn to the moth. Butterflies symbolise transformation, I don't know what moths symbolise.
I like her little fuzzy body.
This is a photocopy of a photo of my grandmother on my Dad's side. I never knew her. This was her wedding photo. 
I tore it rather than cutting so the edges would blend into the background more.
That's a picture of my Dad in the canoe. When he was very young, maybe 19. The star is foil from some chocolate. I drew on the other side with a ballpoint pen that was out of ink, then glued it on. 
The border is water soluble crayon with cut-out patterns from a magazine.
The writing is gel pens. Love the gel pens. The white is the wonderful ZIG opaque writer that seems to go over anything. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely page as always.

I have this reference to moths specifically, if its any help.

Zom said...

Similar to a butterfly but a night creature rather than a day. Interesting...

Renee said...

Zom -- you are so interesting on all levels.

I believe you have many many levels and I am glad to see at least one.

Love Renee

PJ's talking2.... said...

I love this page, and how you described it. Especially how you wrote on the page, then made parts of it disappear. Lovely. Thanks for mentioning the Zing pen again. Got to put that on my wish list. ~PJ

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I ilove the layering and textures.
I also love what you said about symbolic stuff working on us without us understanding what is going on. Lately I was interviewed by Time Out Dubai about a story I wrote. I was wondering what I would say and was getting worried. Then, during the interview I revealed to myself more about the symbolism behind my story than I had thought of when writing it.

Zom said...

Gypsy, that happens to me all the time with my paintings. Sometimes it is other people telling me what they see and then i realize that they are right!

Chris said...

You always give me such great new ideas. That writing under the page is so cool. Love the colors, too. I haven't been able to visit my blogs much lately, so it's good to catch up with you.

nollyposh said...

Hmmmm there's a story there no doubt x