Thursday, 19 February 2009

Liar Liar Journal Page

This page makes me smile. I like the contradictions in it. It basically began in an explosion of self loathing. (Guess who the liar was?)
The very beginning wasn't self loathing. It was removable masking tape with a wash of watercolour paints. I was trying out a new technique. It was fun.
These are magazine cut outs. I liked the bold, black accusation against the pretty pretty pink and orange background. And the ambiguity of the woman's hands holding an apple.
I am enjoying my letter stencils. 
Finally the quote on the left page is from the wonderful and wise Sweetmango. I find her words a tremendous comfort against the arrows of self-judgement.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment about sontradictions - our life is full of them, or should I say we are full of them. Your expression in your journal with the delicate pink and stark black is effective - the apple reminded me of Eve's apple. Nice page.
(Please don't loathe yourself - unless you come up with nice art when you do :-p ..)

~Barb~ said...

What an in depth page, so full of beauty and knowledge and lessons learned. Beautiful!
Peace & Love,

Mar said...

all the quotes have great messages that we can't be reminded of enough
the background technique is great
the areas you used the tape generated a lot of depth...and with simplicity
i like that!

terrific share!

Renee said...

I see you are much to hard on yourself. And I am not hard enough on myself probably.


Love Renee

Jan said...

I love looking at your art journal, they're really beatiful to look at.

nollyposh said...

i sEE it tOO... i used to be such a perfectionist and now i see beauty in all the flaws... When i start to judge someone now (including myself) i stop and rest my mind awhile and just lOOk with my heart open... and as yOu know (being the sensational artist that you indeed are!) there is such a beauty to behold... that flaws become diamonds and beautiful insights into the soul x