Saturday, 14 February 2009

the Most Boring Journal Page

Here is a page that I hate. I still hate it. I don't even like it enough to try and mess it up. It reminds me of all the things that I struggle against in my artwork. Too graphic, too illustrative, too safe and too perfect. Boring!!!
What am I doing? I am showing you how I made my boring journal page, lol. Pretty funny.

I liked this magazine picture. I liked the girl and I liked her outfit and I thought it might inspire a drawing. Instead I got caught up in old habits and copied the bloody thing. What a posey pose she is in!
Now I am continuing in my illustrative mode, painting it in watercolours. Bring back my days working in advertising, yuch.
Finally I come to my senses and see what I might do to make the whole thing a bit more exciting. I cover the facing page with black gesso and I dry brush it behind her as well. I have started out stiff and am trying to bring looseness in - what a joke. Learn from my mistakes.
Now I decide to bring in the original magazine photo. I tear it into strips and glue them on. I switch two of them to bring in the unexpected. Pathetic. About as unexpected as an airbrushed model.
Finally I realise the folly of my illusions. I confess my stupidity and it is the most interesting part of my.... *drum roll* Most Boring Journal Page.

At one point I was severely tempted to give her horns. Do you think it would have helped?


luthien said...

lol! i love the psychology behind your boring page :))) i actually like the right half of it but not the left half :)) i do like busy pages sometimes... depending on my mood :)

Anonymous said...

I actually really like it. It reminds me of old household boxes; the ones that are now fascinating even though they were for common things like washing powder and soap.

Vicki Holdwick said...

I really like it, too. Although, I usually like pages that are not so "perfect", this one really caught my eye.

Love your blog!

PJ's talking2.... said...

No, I like the post before her. She's just too much of a perfect model. Tons of talent, but I can't see you in there. Does that make sense?
Happy Valentines Day late! ~PJ

Mar said...

i hate to say it
but i like the spread
i don't think it is boring enough to NOT elaborate with
add layers to it anyway do what you wouldn't normally do to "spice" it up
that is what you want to it

i find myself hesitant to go ahead and add layers to my work too
i try to be "brave" but get stuck not wanting to "mess it up"
and the LOVE when someone else does it

let it happen...

paintedskywoman said...

Im with the other ladies on this...I like it. Looks great to me. I am not expert in art journaling but it wonderful. I really like the drawing. I love her hair and her face.

nollyposh said...

Well i think it's pretty X;-P

Renee said...

You are probably serious, but I am laughing my head off. I love the girl, but then again I'm not an artist.

Anyway, thanks for cracking me up.

Love Renee

Dreamers Dream said...

wow, this is amazing. i love your work- it's jaw dropping(: