Monday, 2 February 2009

My Blog Interview with the Artful Paper Doll

Kellie interviewed me for her beautiful blog the Artful Paper Doll

She has wonderful tutorials on NING and a new art doll journaling group, all to be found through her blog.


pinkglitterfae said...

Great interview! I am going back to read the pages of your blog. Lots of good stuff there :-D

scrowlscrowl said...
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scrowlscrowl said...

l loved your interview at the artful paperdoll!!

I keep on coming back to your blog for journal inspiration. That's why I put you on my blog's "blog love list" (I hope you don't mind).

You make such nice drawings!! I really adore them and I think I should be practicing more on my own drawing skills..

Wishing you a good-good week :)


Paper Cat Designs said...

Hi Zom,

It truly was a pleasure to interview you. You already looked good, I am just the mirror. :)

I keep coming back because you always have something interesting. I am looking at the pages above and I really like this red with the big butterfly!


Zom said...

Thanks Kellie, you are a sweetheart.