Friday, 13 March 2009

I don't know what I am blogging

I don't know what is happening with the blog. I love you guys. I love you for waiting. I love you for still being here and I don't want to let you down. You have signed up for art journaling tutorials. I understand that.

But the truth is, I am teaching classes now. And it is taking a lot of energy. You see, first I am an artist. Then I am a teacher.

I was aching to teach and so I was blogging my teaching. But now I am teaching face to face. It is great, it feels so right. 

There is also something else. I had always hoped that my art journaling would feed into my art. And I think that might finally be happening. It is very exciting as I work towards another series of paintings. 
But it makes my art journal like a womb. My art journal is now a womb of new work (and other stuff). And just like you can't pull up the seeds that you have planted to see how they are going, you can't open up your womb and show people. Not without the risk of killing what is growing inside.

So, I don't know what is happening with the blog. But I just wanted to say "hi".


~Barb~ said...

Zom, we come here, at least I know I do, to see how you are, how things are going with you, what you're up to and not just for journal tutorials. That would have to overwhelm you with all you have going these days. But know that I still care and miss you.

You are loved, honey.
Be safe.

Peace & Love,

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Be happy, whatever you need to do! We will keep an eye on your blog anyway!!

mrsb said...

I love seeing what you post, whether it is a small update on your life, or an art based post. It's good to hear that you are enjoying what you do, and doing what you enjoy! That's a rare blessing. Enjoy it!

But, you know, let us know what you are up to once in a while, too ! :O)

luthien said...

hey zom :))) just be happy in whatever you are doing... teaching, art, or blogging... glad to know that you are busy and happily busy :)) dun worry too much about us... we are big girls (and a couple of big boys ... i guess :) ) we can take care of ourselves :)))) stay safe and God bless :))

Gayle said...

Don't feel pressured to share what you need to keep to yourself. At times I take breaks from blogging so I can concentrate on my art. Blogging to me is just a show and tell venue, not something I feel I need to do all the time. I love your work, I'll be back when you are!

PJ's talking2.... said...

Nothing for me to say, they said it perfect. Glad to hear you're having fun. When someone wants to see what I'm working on, I compare it to letting them go thru my panty drawer.... I'm thinking the womb thing sounds better.... :) PJ

Zom said...

You guys are so great.
Okay, so I can just blog what I want and see where it goes. Isn't it cool how we can change direction?

Hey PJ, I get the feeling that you do blog what you are working on. So that is not the case?

Connie said...

"My art journal is a womb"

Oh Zom, you said it.

I understand.....blogging is not always conducive to the flow of creativity. There are no internet connections in the depths of our souls.

Thank goodness for that!

Happy trails to you.....until we meet again!

Peace & Love.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...


I totally understand the whole, what do I want to use my blog for... I have added posts and then deleted them so many times. When the timing is right, you'll know exactly what to do. In the meantime, enjoy your new adventure, it sounds great! You are so talented and it's so wonderful that you are now able to share that talent and your knowledge with people, face to face. Congrats.

Walk in the Woods said...
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Walk in the Woods said...



For you, the seasons are shifting to a time of planting and Rest - a time to return to the darkness and healing placed of the womb - a time to slow down the stirrings in our lives and allow it all to gently simmer and stew. (I perceive the womb as a cauldron, can you tell?)

For me, the opposite is happening ... for mine is the season coming of planting and Gemination. My cauldron is ready to be stirred again!

Tend your garden as you will and all will be well.


nollyposh said...

Well for me X:-) i will be happy to have you just drop in every now and again with a little post to say "Hi!"
Luv ya xox

iHanna said...

A blog is not set in stone, nor are human beings. It should be alloud to evelove as we do. I will visit you what everyou blog about, because I like what you do. Let it flow. maybe blog about your classes, or your artwork. I'd love to see the growth of art journaling paintings!


Joanie Hoffman said...

yeah, I want you to do what makes you happy also, but I do miss your postings.
a while ago I adopted one of tiffani electra x's "blogging without opbligation" buttons beacuse I liked what she wrote about blogging.
here's the info:
happy days,

lynne h said...

oh zom, you have summed up how i'm feeling at the moment... peace to you and sail on... xo

Chris said...

You are worth waiting for!

Lucky students.
Rock on.

Renee said...

Zom what is happening with the blog doesn't matter. What is happening with you is the real deal.

So happy that you are doing what you love.

Keep things gestating. Don't show the art and soul yet.

Do as you do, I think that is best.

Again so happy that you are doing the things you love.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

You need to do what makes you happy! No apologies necessary to anyone! I come here because you are truthful, honest, and upfront about everything. Not just your journal pages. Be good to yourself first and foremost!

Sydney said...

Hi back! It can be hard to do it all, and I clearly your peeps are totally understanding. Add me to the list!