Sunday, 19 April 2009

Excited about My Classes

I teach two classes, one about the process of Creativity, the other on Art Journaling. (You can see the connection, can't you?)

I am really excited because I just received some fabulous inspiration for my Creativity Class. I have been teaching the class for 3 terms, and it has been going really well. It has been a lot of fun. This term I am extending it from 5 weeks to 6 weeks because the students have consistently said that they wanted to go longer.

The inspiration is to teach the class in terms of secrets. The six secrets of Creativity. Each week I reveal one of the secrets.  They build on each other. And each secret has a quality that is developed when you follow the secret. Qualities that are needed for creativity; qualities like trust, intuition, courage, playfullness, discipline, initiative, etc. Once you know the secret, it not only helps to open your creativity but it develops that specific quality needed to become more creative.

It was one of those times when the inspiration just popped through fully formed. I know it has been percolating in my subconscious but I didn't have to do a lot of work. And it is cooler than anything I would have thought up, tee hee.

This term is going to be the best Creativity Class ever!


nanakin1 said...

Zom, I love the concept of using the 6 secrets for teaching creativity. So many times we end a course knowing what to do but not taking that final initiative to continue on our own. The idea of ending with "initiative" is excellent.
Inspired Hugs,
Nancy (nanakin1)

Sydney said...

wow it sounds like it will be! This is a great idea, I like the unfoldment, that they build on one another, and the concept of each week's lesson as a secret. I think it will intrigue and engage the students and at the end, I think they will have a clear idea of how they got there... something they can call on as they work creatively into the future. WOuld love to take it myself!

iHanna said...

I believe you when you say that you say that your classes are loved... I believe it Zom!

What a teaser! I so want to teach a class some day, but it scares the shit out of me. How did you do it, the first time? How did you get started?

Debrina said...

Yes please - let us know how it all began for you? Do you have a teaching qualification? In NZ here we must before we can teach anything, unless it's during the school holidays.

Zom said...

My first teaching job was something I knew well and the class had already been planned for me. It was life drawing. Many years later, someone asked me to teach beading, which I was into at the time.

Those teaching experiences helped me to give the confidence - well, that might be too strongly put - the courage to come up with my own classes. Classes that I create and teach the way that is natural to me. That is the most fun of all.

I think it is a shame that you have to have teaching qualifications before teaching. There are many people who are natural teachers. I have taken a course on adult education that I found interesting and mildly helpful. I don't have any other formal teaching qualification.

Thanks for your enthusiasm you guys. :)

Taluula said...

Oh wow can't you do online classes? I'm so jealous I don't know the secrets.

nollyposh said...

awwwwhhhh i wanna play tOO! X:-/

Renee said...

Zom this sounds so fantastic. Is there a way that we can try to participate. Can you teach us too?

Love Renee xoxo

Zom said...

I wish you could all come! That would be so much fun!

I need a conference video-thingy so you can all be there.

kathy said...

Hi Zom, I live in New York and have been in an online class with Cathy Johnson, there were many Aussies in the class. It's fun to see someone comment on your photo posts (on flicker) minutes after you've posted them- and they're on the other side of the ocean. We also made comments in a Yahoo group. Hoping to take your class too.