Saturday, 11 April 2009

I have Begun my New Series of Paintings

On the way from our house to my studio.

My classes finished last week and I have been in the studio painting. I am so happy to be working on my new series. Last week I began the first painting!

(Here are some photos of last series that I completed and showed at the Tweed Regional Gallery. Apologies, I need to update my website and post the rest of the paintings.)

The front view of my studio. Unfortunately it is not as big as it looks here.
To my surprise and delight the new series came from my art journal. You might remember that I said that I wanted to draw in my journal more. Well, I did and what popped out was my new series. I had a strong feeling that somewhere my art journal and my work as an artist would link up. It happened suddenly, no warning. I love the way inspiration works, it is so mysterious. 

I am not trying to be coy, but I won't be showing you those pages yet. It is because of what I explained in my previous post. It is too early. I haven't shown anyone. It can be important not to talk about your ideas too much, or sometimes at all. You watch what happens when you do. It can actually dissipate or use up the energy. It is like you talk about it instead of creating it. Not nearly as fun or satisfying.


Artiste Nouveau said...

Really good to see you back Zom :)

luthien said...

hello zom :))
what a fantastic looking studio to call your very own "happy place"!! may lots of wonderful things come out from there :))

Zom said...

Hi you guys.

nollyposh said...

oh i want to come and sit in the corner and snooze while you paint in the dappled sunlight X:-) Promise i wont pEEk X;-)

Zom said...

I would love that Vicki. Then I will make you a nice cup of tea when we have a break.

Sydney said...

No worries at all! I completely understand how it can dissapte the energy. That used to happen when I was writing and discussed some of the elements with people. I thought it would help it stay present or even that I'd work through a few problems I came across, but I learned quickly that it robbed me of all momentum and steam.

Jasmijn Paauwe said...

Oh my god I am in love with your studio, it looks so cute and peaceful. Where is it at, it looks like its by the beach or woods or something. Anyways I like what you do, keep up the good work