Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Why I Create Art

Do you know what an artist statement is? Me neither, lol, even though I have written quite a few. Laboured over the little buggers. Even taken a workshop about writing them.

When I write or rewrite my artist statement, I find it is easy to get caught up in some big idea about why I create art. A lot of artist statements sound like the artist thinks he some kind of genius. How their act of creation makes the world a better place. A common statement is that their art will cause people to see things differently. I have been guilty of  implying that my paintings could bring someone closer to Spirit. Or reconnect them with their Soul. 

All of which makes me sound a bit of a wanker. ( a rude Australian term that means an egotistical jerk)

Happily I had an epiphany about the whole thing this morning. 

The truth is, I create art to enter another reality. The reality of magic where everything is possible. The one where I can fly, anything can happen, the grass could be blue and the sky yellow. The reality of dreams and infinite meaning, intensity and depth. 

The truth is, in spite of some really embarrassing artist statements that I have written, I create art for self-indulgent reasons. 
It is only later that I hope it will give something to other people. 

And only much later, when I have to write an artist statement, that I am stupid enough to try and define what that would be.


nollyposh said...

Well from a 'viewer' and 'appreciator' of said cleverness... i would like to state that YOUR art takes me ~home~
...and when i view it, i feel a ~vibration~ that seeps into my very spirit and whispers to me that anything is possible, that dreams really can come true and that it is okay to ~believe~ in the *magical* things and most importantly your work tells me that i am not ~alone~
i am so glad to have met you and feel privileged to have been given this peek, via your blog, into the very spirit of a true and beautiful artist x

Anonymous said...

Zom - nothing juicer than the raw honest truth. I love this post and what you said is great. This, in some ways, has prevented me from proclaiming I AM a writer and an artist .. that and some lack of confidence in my work (see my blog I AM). Go Girl!

Renee said...

You dear Zom have just given the most honest answer to any question ever asked about something that matters to us.

Along with that though does come my pleasure of looking at your work, where your work hit my heart and went right through to my soul and left a message there for me that I pondered and pondered and then I just smiled.

I love you answer. Thank you Zom.

love Renee xoxo