Friday, 8 May 2009

I Love the Crows Journal Page

I have been experimenting with different approaches to my art journal pages. This is a very basic, mostly collage page. These pages are easy and quick, and work well as a kind of interesting visual for the writing. But I must admit, I get bored with this technique quickly. 

The background was done with about six layers of acrylic paint. I don't really like the darkness of it, though it worked with the mood of the crows. The writing is from Scott Alexander King's book, Animal Dreaming.


Karin said...

Very cool page, and kind of wild - I did crow pages the same day :) The info you shared is almost identical to what's found in the medicine cards that I quoted! Don't you love those universal messengers?!

Anonymous said...

I like this - darkness and all. I guess we get bored of after a while of some techniques, but I like to try them anyway and them maybe mix 'em up to come up with something new :-)