Saturday, 16 May 2009


The lovely Luthien from Pimp and Paint has tagged me.

I am going to play a shortened version, as 8 things is too many for my short attention span, tee hee.

4 things I am looking forward to:

1. A trip overseas. It has been 10 years! Nothing planned yet, but it will happen.
2. My next art journaling class. I love playing with my students.
3. Teaching Creativity workshops. A weekend of creativity secrets! Whee!
4. Painting more paintings. I always look forward to that.

4 things I did yesterday:

1. A beautiful walk on the beach.
2. Bought a tub of gelatti.
3. Did a drawing in my art journal.
4. Wrote out my morning pages.

4 things I wish I could do

1. See the movie Harold and Maude again.
2. Do an artist residential road trip in the States.
3. Find my way around places.
4. 100 push-ups. Not that I have tried.

4 things or shows I have watched

1. Mad Men
2. West Wing
3. Shameless
Oops, I can't remember a forth. Do you tube videos count?

4 of my favourite blogs:
okay, this is just random pickings from many favourites. 


1 comment:

luthien said...

hahaha! that was cool! thanks for playing :))) love reading what you wrote :))