Monday, 29 June 2009

Opening Night was great.

The opening of the group show at Edwina Corlette Gallery was all I hoped. Lovely friendly faces, gentle atmosphere and sales! Lots of lovely red dots. I am very happy.

Here are some of the paintings. I showed with a very talented young artist, Erin Smith. I found her work fascinating. She makes drawings from her journal entries. Unfortunately her website doesn't seem to be fully functioning, so you have to go to her under Edwina's artists, here

I wanted to post one of her paintings, but I can't do it. So I posted one of my that sold instead.

It felt great to be back in my studio today.


luthien said...

oh wow! congratulations!!

lynne h said...

zom, i really, really love 'then a sacred ibis entered the room'.

congratulations on the show!


PJ's talking... said...

So glad the show was a success and a good time. Good for you! xo PJ

DellaLuna said...

Congratulations on a great show! And oh yes, I am in LOVE with your "No More Bratz" painting. Not only is it beautifully executed, but I couldn't agree more with the subject. :D

Zom said...

Thanks you guys.

DellaLuna, that is one of my favourites as well. It's still for sale, tee hee.

nollyposh said...

X:-) X:-) X:-)

Renee said...

Woot woot. I am so excited for you Zom. The pictures are amazing.

I love the orange one especially.

Love Renee xoox

Anonymous said...

I love I dreamt of a Storm most of all, but it was hard to choose. Well done, this is great.

nanakin1 said...

Congratulations on the opening! Your paintings are captivating. It's impossible to look at them without imagining being there. I had to stop and catch my breath walking up the steps to the White House; felt the chilling salt spray on my skin as I stood too close to the edge in the rough storm; and shared the model's joy at the thought of something new. You are one of my favorite artists.
Nancy (nanakin1)

Zom said...

You guys are so sweet. *blush*