Sunday, 14 June 2009

Thank you page to the Artist Child within

Here is a simple collage page done on a background of layers of acrylic paint. I did the doodling and writing with gel and paint pens.

I wrote this journal page before I read what Julia Cameron in the book the Artist's Way says about our inner artist being a child (my childhood name was DD). I am considering and experimenting with the idea. The more I think about it, the more I realise that it is probably true. 

It is a very compassionate idea. Instead of giving yourself a hard time when you feel upset that your painting was rejected by that art prize, imagine comforting your self (or your artist-self) with an icecream cone and more play. Sounds good to me.


Zura said...

I just discovered your blog, and your art site. I love your paintings! But I'm especially interested in your posts about art journaling, as that's a passion of mine.

Mariza said...

I love that idea of comforting your (artist) self -- I think a lot of us have the idea that the only way to motivate yourself is to push/punish; but I think that kindness is much more effective. Your page is very sweet (and lovely colors to boot!)

nollyposh said...

and we should bring her out more often to ~Play~ (((Hugz)))

Debrina said...

I love Julia Cameron - have all her books. She is right about the Inner Artist and we need to protect that innocence and originality. Art is sooo bloomin' subjective too. My art and creative processes are very scared to me and I have even found a use for healing through my art when a friend and colleague of mine took me through several drawing therapy sessions for my post natal depression last year.
It was an amazing experience. It is then very hard for me to quantify my art in terms of money and competitions, I think these things debase art at the end of the day....still, I guess we artists also need to earn a living...and I'm certainly not one to deny that! lol.

Anonymous said...

Great colours, I love the whole page and everything about it.
I have been busy lately so I am now making up for lost time visiting my fav blogs - forgive the flood of comments :-)