Sunday, 19 July 2009

Look at This! Holy Hope Journal Pages

Wow, look at this cool effect. You end up with these background images just barely coming through. I can show you a couple of the stages on this one. I didn't take photos in the very beginning.
This technique isn't my original idea. I found it a while ago on the internet. If anyone recognizes it, please tell me and I will give credit where credit is due.
You begin by gluing pictures down on the pages. I cut them all out in rectangles.
The first coat is gesso. Keep your brush dry and drag it lightly over the images. Keep your strokes in one direction. Don't cover very much. Think about what you want to start to obscure and what you want to keep.

Follow it with more layers of different colours. Some you might want to glaze over the top - yellow gives an interesting effect. Others just lightly drag. It's fun to see how you can change the reading of the pictures by the placement of your strokes. Elements come forward and recede depending on where you cover and which colour you use.
Later I added packing tape transfers and writing. You can see how anything you add on top serves to make the background recede.

I don't know why the pages say "holy hope" or "over and above" or "get your". It was just words that came to me so I put them down. I think it's fun.

The only thing with this technique, it always seems to come up kinda spooky. I have done it on two spreads and both times the same. Nothing wrong with spooky. But I wonder if I could get a less spooky look, or if that is just what happens. See, over in the lower left corner, that was a rather twee photo of a doll, but spooky with this effect. Maybe I should try all really cutesy stuff and see what happens. That could be fun.


luthien said...

this is really awesome! and thanks for sharing it tho i dunno if i understand the technique correctly but i guess it's a lot of trial and error :) i'll try it :)) the effect is amazing! it's like all the images have been image transferred onto the that colorful background. i dunno if it's spooky on it's own ... perhaps the spookiness is affected by the choice of images? it's real cool tho!

Gill M said...

Zom - what amazing pages, thank you so much for sharing the technique. I wonder if the spookiness has anything to do with your colour choices and how they work with the underlying images? Some experimentation is in order me thinks...

Mar said...

soft and sharp!!! turned out beautiful...
this process is as old as time
i learned it a bazillion years ago in an you don't need to obsess about giving of credit
just enjoy what you did

Zom said...

Luthien, feel free to ask for more details if you have any confusion. I would love to see what you create.

Gill, I agree. I want to do more experimenting and see what other look I can achieve.

Mar, thanks for telling me that. I won't feel guilty then, tee hee.

Debrina said...

always good to learn a new technique! I wonder if you could scrape it back a little to make it less spooky? (I agree tho - nothing wrong with spooky!) I read somewhere that if you use a contact cleaner (something with an alcoholic base?) you can rub the colour back. It works well on magazine images too. I'll let you know the specifics just as soon as I get to my books.

nollyposh said...

~Cool~ technique X:-)
~Thanks~ xox

PJ's talking... said...

Just did a similar thing with a background. I watered down the gesso, applied it over different colors. Loved how it turned out. Now I gotta try this. Thanks for sharing!

Joyce said...

Love your pages and this technique. Thank you so much for sharing.


Taluula said...

Absolutely amazing pages. Love them.