Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Ruthless Artist Child

It can be such a relief to get rid of pages I don't like. Cut it out! Gesso it over! Whew; I am so glad you are gone! ( I tried to get more excited about the above page by adding the black gesso, but my new affection didn't last!)

And I don't have to have a good reason why. I just wanted it out. It was a perfectly good drawing. Quite pretty in fact. I don't know why I didn't like it, I don't have to know - I can just cut it out cause I want to! Nyah, nyah!
And this prompt that I imposed on my Art Journaling class about collecting patterns. A few people hated it. I think in the end, I did too!
You are gone now too, stupid collected patterns.
I wonder if I will regret my hasty action. Will I miss my cancelled journal pages?


Karin Bartimole said...

yeah!!! here's to giving ourselves permission and breaking journal taboos Zom!
liberation, empowerment, what the heck!! I've actually shredded whole journals when I felt 'over' them, and years have passed without regret :) with a focus on the pages in front of us, what's to miss? we're in the here and now!
I believe that destruction is an important aspect of creation - thanks for showing us that choices are always ours to make!!

lynne h said...

hee! i doubt it, zom!! i know how great i feel when i finally say "out!", and it's gone. or painted over...

ahhhh... i love this power. : )

Zom said...

Wow Karin, I guess your ruthless artist child beats mine. Entire art journals?
...although I did put many many years of writing journals in a huge bonfire several years ago. I never regretted that.

I think you are right Lynne, no regrets so far. I can just make more, tee hee.

Karin Bartimole said...

my old journals were combo - writing, lots of drawing, collage, what ever hit me, so way less work intensive than they've become over the years (I didn't paint much then), but yes - entire journals, art included. I guess the art and writing carried the same weight and energy that needed removal for me! In my current journal I've used the challenge of not removing or covering anything once it's done - what is is, and remains, so it's got a whole other dynamic!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

That's the great thing about art journals. You can just cover it up!

I chose a while ago not to rip out the pages and just work more and more layers until I was finally satisfied with the piece. I get much more satisfaction when I go back through it at a later date.

Deciding you don't like the work just means you're growing! I look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

I believe that destruction is an important aspect of creation .. wow Karin, that's quite powerful.

Zom, I love your humanity .. and your art :-) .. the best part of the journal is exactly that it is a journal .. destroy the page, rip the page, alter the page, turn the page or simply buy a new journal.. in my second collection of short stories, that theme is there, too.