Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sometimes it is just so WRONG

I am taking Mary Ann Moss's online stencil class. I have been excited all week, looking forward to getting out my new spray paints (3 colours: matt black, matt white and sea green). She started the class Friday before last, but I haven't had the time to do anything but watch the videos as I have been working on my Creativity Workshop.

Today was the day. I did my minimum of weekly housework. Got grumpy when my DH wanted me to move some books. I was rarin' to make time for my first lesson: found stencils and spraypaint.
Finally got out the spraypaint. Picked a level spot in our large yard, moved out a small table from my studio. Newspaper collected. Retrieve out my way-too-old half face protection mask. I know I should have replaced the filter, but Bunnings didn't have the brand. So I had my fingers crossed that it would still be okay. My found stencils are not impressive. A few scavenged building bits and one doily. I like the idea of using lace, but didn't have any. I did score some great magnetic letters at a garage sale.
Hey, the stencils look cool. It could be fun  -- but it wasn't. I hate wearing the face mask. It hurts my face. It is uncomfortable. I hate the smell of rubber. I felt woozie afterwards. Was it a lack of oxygen or weren't the filters working? I remembered the days I wore that mask in the past, when I was oiling out our windows. I was very grateful for the protection, but I hated it.

What was I thinking? I am the super sensitive type. I eat organic food and have a special diet. I can't even drink black tea for heaven's sake. What was I thinking, imagining that I could use spray paint??? Even in my studio I feel weird from the low toxic painting medium. I can feel the electromagnetic field from my computer. How did I ever imagine I could use the severely toxic medium of spraypaint?

It was a 'completely forget who I am' moment. Do you ever have those? When you start imagine doing something that you are completely unsuited for? something that anyone who knows you would say "what were you thinking?"


Renee said...

I totally understand not being able to use spraypaint.

Your journal entry below and the secrets of creativity look awesome.

Love Renee xooo

Anonymous said...

What?? You mean there are things we're not suited for????

I like the results nonetheless - but do take cre of yourself.

ACey said...

I totally relate to this posting. I am environmentally hypersensitive and have found it to my advantage to avoid certain "must-have" art supplies as a result. Also appreciated what you described because I keep thinking since this particular class is so popular I really ought to have forced myself to participate in the second go-round. Now I think I'll just continue doing what I do that is both enjoyable and non-threatening to my physical equilibrium.

nollyposh said...

...and what about mobile phones??? i get a hot ear and if i stay on tOO long (more than a minute!) i get a headache and nausea... and once i got a migraine from a carpet cleaner... SiLLy sausage! You think i would know by now tOO! X:-P

Sharon said...

Try using liquid watercolors, or those Adirondack Color Wash water based dye. Non toxic. They are by Tim Holtz. Hope you have luck with this journey, it sounds like fun. Sharon

Mar said...

sometimes adjustments made can make the difference
sharon has some good tips
the results were fantastic though!!
sure hope you are feeling better now

lynne h said...

zom! do not despair!! i don't use spray paints... go here: and see the little roller thingie i use. that post has pics of stenciling i did with it. you can get a very cool look STILL, without spray paints...


another sensitive human

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the spray paint. You picked an awesome color combo!

In addition to the liquid watercolors and Adirondack Color Wash (both water soluble) you can also get one of those little spray bottles and mix 1/3 acrylic paint with 2/3 water. That's what I'm doing with my white and black for painting indoors.

Tanyah Payne said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. Your work is amazing! and will book mark it and check in regually.

I do sell Tim holtz ranger Alchole inks and spray inks. I can order them in for you no dramas at all. If you know what colours your after that will help me, my email is and shop is

Always happy to help out!
take care and thanks again
luv tanXx

Karin Bartimole said...

Hey Zom -This made me smile knowingly, because there are so many things I think - "i'm gonna do that" over, and then my body reminds me - "oh no you aren't, you knuckle head!!" I can absolutely relate - and I can't stand masks! reality sets in, and then creativity blossoms - we are adaptable and inventive, we creative souls :) Like Lynne with her "tricks" for creating the spray painted stencil look, you'll find something even better, I'm sure!! xo Karin

Zom said...

Thanks you guys for all the input and suggestions. I will try them out.

Now I feel excited again!


Stephanie said...

I love the screen image....I suggest you try the H2O spray paints, that's what I'm using and I really think they are just fine and no fumes, no mask required...

I need orange said...

I don't like my mask, either. I try to get everything set up, spray quickly, then walk away and take it off. I am also concerned about the environmental effects, so have been using Krylon H2O latex spray, which isn't as noxious.

I also have a bunch of latex interior house paint, sold in little jars so I didn't have to buy a quart.

My in-town friend who is also taking the class bought some ink sprays, and of course one can stencil with paint and a dry stiff brush....

Mary Ann shows some different ways to stencil without spray paint.

What I want to know is -- how can I get the spray effect digitally (in Photoshop Elements)?


ps -- I like your grid squares and the way you've used letters!

Gail P said...

just came here via stencilry workshop. I haven't started making stencils yet, obviously way behind! I too am sensitive to everything, hate masks and the smell of spray paint drives me nuts. But, most likely I'll use stencils with fabric and/or acrylic paints. I love the idea of handmade stencils. I think there are many uses for stencils and you could certainly use them in your fabulous journals! sometimes a stencil will work better for me than a stamp does cuz I can put the stencil back down and touch it up if that is necessary. Love your blog! I'll be back, soon!