Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lynne Hope's Muslin Journal Pages

The wonderful Lynne Hope wrote a tutorial on how she makes her unique muslin journal pages. I was immediately attracted to the idea, so I started experimenting.
I didn't have any walnut ink so I tried using watercolour ink to stain the muslin squares. Stupid, silly me. Of course it washed out when I rinsed it.
The squares with colour have been dyed with tea. That worked really well. I used it on all of them in the end.
I did some brush cleaning on a few of the squares. Not to the extent that Lynne did. You gotta follow your own inclinations - cause it's more fun.
Then I decided to spray some stencils with Ozecraft dyes. That worked really well.

I used Lynne's suggestion of some acrylic paint over the top to knock it back. I used a beige colour.
When I did this burning heart stencil, I didn't use any paint over the top. I liked them too much the way they are. The one on the left is where I printed off the stencil I used on the right.

Ooh, this is really exciting. Thank you so much Lynne!!!


lynne h said...

omg, zom! i'm so excited seeing this! i have a huge grin all over right now! i love what you've done!! i love that you did it!

okay, i'm just totally out of words -- maybe 'overjoyed' would do it.

: )


(and that top pic is just fabulous)

nollyposh said...

Fabulous! Love the photo's too X:-)

nollyposh said...

Fabulous! Love the photo's too X:-)

nollyposh said...


Zom said...

That is wonderful Lynne. I am really excited to try it. I have ordered more of the Ozecraft dyes; to do more stenciling on more muslin journals?!

Silly Nollyposh, tee hee. I get to see you 3X this way.

Renee said...

Zom isn't Lynne's work amazing.


Zom said...

Lynne's work is alive.