Saturday, 26 September 2009

Grunge Background Tutorial

I got this idea from the talented Lynne Hoppe. I don't recall the actual post -but I suggest a look at her blog anyway. It's beautiful.

I gessoed first. Not necessary, but I prefer to work on a gessoed page if I am not drawing. Then a random painting on of watercolours. You wait until that dries, then a layer of off-white acrylic paint. Before the acrylic completely dries, take masking tape and stick it on in various places and pull it off again.

At this point, I was disappointed with what I wasn't getting. The watercolour wasn't seeping through the acrylic as I had hoped, and the masking tape wasn't really ripping anything off.
Did I mention that I was doing this in front of my class?!

Maybe it wasn't working because I used a liquid acrylic paint, and watered it down as well! Or maybe I let the paint get too dry? Anyway, I guess the class lesson was that it is okay to make mistakes, ha ha.

I stuck the masking tape on the pages. That was the end of Lynne's instructions; I am sure hers' looked fantastic. But as mine didn't, I continued on. I put some gesso down in places and finished off with gluing some tissue paper over the top. It's kinda interesting, but I am not overly excited.


trish said...

I'm out of masking tape and son has car...would duct tape or that black electrical be too sticky?

Zom said...

I don't know Trish. I would give the black electrical a try.
I forgot to add that I did some sanding afterwards. You could stick down some electrical and sand it back and then gesso over the top. Just an idea.

Please let me see how it goes.

nollyposh said...

Actually i like it X:-)

Lesley said...

The effect is very subtle but I like it too. Thanks for the tips.
Lesley x

lynne h said...

oh! it was a dud, zom!! maybe it has to do with the kind of paper we work on... sheesh, i don't know... i laughed that you were doing this in front of the class! only that's not funny!! i know that everyone loved what you did anyway... another thing is that i use cheap craft acrylics - maybe that has something to do with it?

art on, sweet woman...


Zom said...

I thought it was funny too, tee hee.

I am not too interested in being the 'authority' who knows how to do stuff right in class. It's all just foolin' around.

I do wonder why it was a 'dud' though. I will have to try again.

Anonymous said...

I just love your spirit! And the background looks interesting nonetheless.

Pat said...

Did you see the two ghost persons in the upper right corner? The rose/purple color on beige/yellow (monitors do vary). One on left looks otherworldly/android-ie 3/4 view of face, no nose as we know it. Behind and to right is more human form that reminds me of a human woman of slender build.

Wonder what they came to find? Wonder if 'he' is of interest to 'her'.

There is no failure, if we look outside the box. :-)

Love and Light,

Zom said...

That is great Pat. I didn't see them, must have been hiding, tee hee.

Damn! I forgot to link to Lynne's blog. I will do that now.

Carol said...

I like to water down acrylic paint and rub in on, then rub it off with a wet paper towel. I do that over and over and over until I get it the way I want it. If I glue some things down to make edges first, the paint sticks in the edges, making it more interesting. Love looking at your pages. I am an embellisher/artist too. Do you use old books as your base or do you make books or use a sketchbook?

Zom said...

Hi Carol. I will try your method as well.

I have been using a sketchbook, before that, a moleskin. I like using pages from books, but I want to be able to draw so am not tempted to use an old book. But I like it when people do, tee hee.
I want to make my own sometime.

What do you use?