Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Speed Journaling - I finished two pages.

If you are wondering why Speed Journaling, check out my previous post.

So I finished two A4 pages. Not quite as impressive as it sounds as they were already half done. Still, 2 pages - and they are big. This is the left page. I can't figure out how to blog them side by side.
And the right page. This one is kinda interesting. See the picture of the woman with the squirrel in her hair. It is a drawing that I did on another journal page in brown ink, then photocopied the drawing in black and white. I cut the photocopy out, reducing her overblown hair a bit, and then glued in down on this page and painted it with watercolours. I love reusing drawings like that.

I will link back when I post the original drawing and you can see the difference.


Lindart said...

Love this idea, and I want to jump on the wagon with you, I'll post when I do! Love the first 2 pages!

Walk in the Woods said...

I like the way you re-use your drawings! I may have to try that myself sometime.

Artiste Nouveau said...

Love these pages--they're very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Great Zom, they are fabulous. I love re-using art work and even some of my writings - looking at the same thing with fresh eyes.
I will now go have a peak at the post before this to see what you have to say about the soeed journaling :-)

Laura said...

I love seeing your art journal pages. I would love to try something but have no clue where to begin!

lynne h said...

love these, zom! i think i got a little too speedy and just got a mess, but i'm stickin' with it...


Zom said...

Yes Lindart, please give me a heads up when you post. I wanna see!

Rose, I love reusing the drawings. The photocopy machine is a great invention. You can even go bigger or smaller.

Thanks Artiste and Gypsy, glad you like them.

Laura, it's easy, just slap down some paint and stick on some collage and keep going!

Lynne, I haven't seen any 'just a messes' posted on your blog so I choose not to believe you. tee hee

nollyposh said...

i love both of these purple explorations X:-)