Sunday, 6 September 2009

Wanting to Finish my Art Journal

I have been busy teaching classes and working on my new series, and I haven't felt moved to blog. I also haven't been art journaling as much as usual.

I still love art journaling, but it feels like time for a change. Perhaps it is the A4 size of my latest journal. It was great to go bigger, but now I feel like I want to journal smaller again. The images feel like they are floating in this big space that I have to fill in. I am tired of it and trying to finish the book.

Instead of feeling guilty about that, perhaps I should give my self full permission to go full tilt. Slap down the paint, cram on the collage and fill it up as quickly as possible. A page a day or something.

That could be fun.


icandy... said...

I found myself in a similar situation and have wanted to change my art up a bit... Hey! Slap on that paint and cram on the collage, that WILL be fun! Hope you are well!

Artiste Nouveau said...

Hey Zom--I'm doing a page a day right now in my art journal and I'm blogging about it but, it's a smaller size handmade journal so it's not as daunting. I agree that a big empty page can be overwhelming at times. I think you're on the right track when you say just slap on some paint and cram on the collage--it doesn't even have to co-ordinate with what you want to journal about, necessarily. I think the point is to just have fun with art and have fun with journaling and if they happen to meet in the middle, bonus.

Walk in the Woods said...

Full permission. Full tilt. I'm with ya!!!